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paint restoration

My bike has a few light scratches not to primer.  I just want to hand polish away the scratches and impections that caused by sap or other staining.  Does anyone recomend a polish that works wonders on thier bike.



im not the professional so i took my vehicle to the detail guys, they used the claybar method. i read that it takes off the contaminates but isnt good for scratches and it looks like alot of work

i have never done it, some things you let the professionals do

I've used Meguiars Ultimate Compound with some success on fine surface scratches. Meguiars do have demonstration videos on YouTube.

all good comments. Thanks

I might have to try it on my face Vardy! Lol.

Good luck with that Al ... I think Meguiars Cutting Compound might do a better job! LOL

How much should I use and what frequency? ( bloody no respect for your elders!) lol

80 Grit

Yeah I'm a meguiars guy as well I find the the Ultimate pre wax polish is excellent

Do I buff it with a clay bar....?

clay bars are for getting rid if contaminants and they work brilliantly, just dont drop on the concrete otherwise you will be using an 80

So, it would mean I could perform two steos at the same time Dave? Cool, I like labour saving methods.

Al. It's a polish, not a miracle goo!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for giving me the results of your research Phil. So what did you eventually use snd have you found something better?

Yes. Beer. Great stuff. If that doesn't work, Three Monkeys is a great starter drink.

I have part of three monkeys...just the monkey shoulder.....

"Ultimate pre wax polish is excellent" Clay bar? Hey this is my post. Fill me in. Do I use a buffing machine or by hand.

Good call Al. I may have consumed too much of it!!!!!!

clay bar done by hand with a lubricating polish i usually use final inspection Maguires

lots of how to's on youtube

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