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I was thinking of putting my patches on my leather coat.  But see some of you with vests with the patches has me wondering.  I suppose the patches on the coat might gets dirty rather quickly, verses a vest which is worn from time to time.  Whats your take on this?



I got a vest when I started getting patches. Many times it is too hot to wear a jacket so the vest works out well for me

Drew, I put my patches on my vest. Like you I saw most people with them on the vest, so that's were mine went.

In my area barely anyone puts patches on jackets. There's a tremendous amount of MC or RC riders so we wear club colors on vests. I like a vest better for those hot days as well. You get a little protection but nothing like a jacket so it's a toss up

Much easier to put them on the vest than jacket. Especially when you have a lot of pockets its hard to sew. Mines on my vest.

You need to get an inexpensive vest Drew and if you get to many patches get another vest, that way you wear the vest appropriate to your ride, much cheaper that way...

Yep vest for sure as it can be worn on its own or over your jacket when it gets colder

Drew, I would surely go for a vest. I've two vests, a jeans and a leather one. The jeans vest is the most easy one to sew the patches on. I've more as one jacket and using a vest with patches gives me the possiblilty to make a ride with or without patches and also what jeacket I want to wear, it mostly depends on the weather.

Dub, that's what I did. Was getting too many so I separated them. 1 vest for CC related patches, one for others. Both are denim. I do have a leather vest with the Ulysses patch on the back. Not worn much. Plus another vest that has rally and other bike related pins on it. Weighs a bloody ton...or it might be I'm getting weak in my old age. Lol

And I thought you were just carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders's that bloody vest!

I am going to stick on the patches with velcro. That way if I have a friend piss me off I can take that patch off and put it on my ass. LOL What's your your experience with Velcro?

Oh that's harsh: )

I've seen people use Velcro but it sticks out a bit as compared to sewing and so many patches are so different in size where do you sew it on?

Drew I've sewed all my patches on most with the machine some by hand. Not sure if velcro would look all that good. Smiley-laughing

Well I used to watch Stargate SG-1 and they had side arm patches that they could yank off. I thought that was pretty cool. They looked like they were sown on unless you knew. They didn't stand out as Velcro until you knew. But I don't know if the Velcro was sown on. Hopefully the sticky stuff will work. Also as a side note, I had an old chrome caliper cover that i had bought several years ago then I realize the package only had one cover and so I bought another new one. When I went to install the older one first the sticky pad was old and wouldn't stick so I used velco to install both of them. I think there still on, I need to check.

And they were not flying down the highway at 70 or more MPH. I think they may fly away

Drew, this could be the solution......LOL!

Wrong Dub just wrong...

But really funny......

a little bit funny

a bit like the 2 cannibals who ate a clown and one said to the other did that taste a bit FUNNY to you...

I have some with Velcro and most without. They all stick good. I just use my old jean jacket of 40 years. It's old dirty has holes but it fits like a old glove. Looks good with way too many patches and pins on it.

Having experienced a wreck, I had the shoulder Triumph patch on my jacket get tore up, therefore, friends patches go on the vest. I just wear the vest once in a while. Otherwise, you saw my riding jacket, minimum patches as they would plug up the textiles holes reducing the airflow for summer.

I wear my cuts almost everytime I ride. They don't get that dirty. Nothing you can't tidy up if it's that much of a concern. I prefer my cuts not to look new everytime I wear them. Idk..shows character .RIDE ON BROTHERS!

Like you're saying cowboy I don't ride without wearing my cut. Just part of the MC thing. And welcome to the site from central New York

I wear a denim vest, i just get to hot wearing my leathet most days. Sew the patch on or it obviously isnt worth the place on your vest . Thanks for the patch drew im sewing it on

Buy a blanket type thingy and sew the patches on that then carry it for night"adventures" only.

Or cut a hole in the middle and wear it like a poncho Phil.

Have one for that purpose.

It is a very nice jacket too.

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