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Performance tuners for your vehicles

This isn't about bikes but about your four wheel vehicles that you are attempting to squeeze out all you can. My question to you is  ....  Has anyone used Diablo or Bully Dog tuners and how have they helped ? I have a 2012   5.7 Ram Laramie 4x4 with an RCX lift kit and larger tires that I would like to try one out on. Please give me your input.



Thank you for your lack of input !

Hey JW,
I have a DP tuner in my 2003 7.3L and it makes a world of difference. Mine allows me to have up to 16 different tunes, and I can change them on the fly. The tuners can do a lot for a diesel engine.

Thanks Chris ! All the info I have gathered has the Diablo as the best for Dodge gas burners. I am going to get one. An extra 2-3 gal per mile and it will pay for itself ! as you said ... multiple loads on the fly. Can program for 87 octane 92 etc...

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