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PhilCole Scruffy, and Truiphin come to california


Thanks Drew. Great news indeed. I didn't pack an umbrella. Now I will have to buy one!!!!!!!!

Oh well....two outta three ain't bad. Have a great time guys.

Is als1953 coming to california too?

Not if that Cole bloke is going to be there.

Saw the flooding in Fresno on the morning news. Ride safe, guys.

Looks wet for a week or so.Heading down to Randy's Tuesday AM. Rain or shine.

Ohhh ... didn't we tell you ... his name is really Noah ... we call him Phil because it's easier ... only one syllable !!

He brings the bottles...two by two....

Wish you a safe ride Wayne and a great meeting to the three of you... Wayne, how far is it for you to visit Randy?

The ride to Randy's will take just about 10-11 hours. It is 460 miles from my house to his door step. By the time I stop for gas and a little food I will be on the road 10-12 hours. That is if the weather stays nice by nice I mean NO rain. If it rains it will take a little longer. I will be riding down Oregon Hy 97 and over to Medford.This way is shorter than the Main interstate Hy. Which would be west on 84 and south on I-5.I will ride as safe as possible with all my warm gear and rain gear. It will be 40 F in the morning to start maybe 60 F in the afternoon . It should be fun for the first long ride of spring

Wishing you all safe travels and good times

Safe travels Wayne....don't expect too much from Mr Cole....that way you won't be disappointed.

Wish you all safe travels.

Bill it's not snowing here so come on down We'll have some fun..

Ignore Al. He's a dope.

Phil....Al who?

Told you!!! I love it when other people prove you are right!!!!!!

I'm right?

Get real. Of course not.

Safe travels and have fun.

I ended up with around 1100 miles, Wayne added another 900 to that. All kinds of weather, almost snow, but not quite, all kinds of roads, and all kinds of traffic. Was a really great time.

It was a great few days. I am going home so my blood level can go up and my alcohol level can go down!!!!!!!!!!

Alcohol level down??? If you would have kept pace with me you would have gone into DT's, tremors, and seen pink elephants. All those other people were a bad influence.

You're right Randy. They were a shocking influence on a quiet demure bloke like me!!!!!!

Come on Phil, warn me next time, I don't have my boots on any more. LOL

HI; I made it home after riding in the rain,SNOW and hail and more rain This all lasted about 4hrs. IT was COLD!!!!I road fast and got ahead of the weather front and stayed there until I had to stop.I did manage to stay in front of the weather after Madris OR. 14 hr on the road that day because of the SNOW and Gravel, fogging up of my visor cause it was 29-33 degs.up on the pass.
I really enjoyed meeting up with everyone. WE had a very meaningful discussion on DOG POOH which was quite enlightening for me..
I thought Phil was holding back on the Alcohol abuse until he got into the WINE. HE is good at the BBQ. WE all had a great time and now have friends for life. Thanks Phil for all the goodies.

Randy you're just going to have to get some hip waders the next time

Good to hear Wayne ... on all counts. Glad you survived the weather and the ride home.

Yes Wayne, it was a good thing I wore my boots and not my summer air boots. They would have totally been full of it. And sure wish Uwe would hurry up on the dog pooh picker upper invention. It was a full bag today since 7 days worth of pickup in the back yard.

Uwe is trying to print one now I bet. Just for Phil and you..Thanks for the ride Randy

Glad you all had fun and made it home safe.

Good to see you're all safe home and you all enjoyed a wonderful good time together. Wish you a safe flight home Phil....

Bugger! He's back. I can tell coz the reputation of the country has dropped.

Get stuffed Noddy!!!!!!!

Maybe it was Turnbull's fault.....

PhilCole Scruffy, and Truiphin: Hey guys it was a privilege to meet you all. Sorry I wasn't available to ride but work has just been crazy. Uwe, thanks for inviting me. FYI, that night I went to work was only a 15 1/2 hour shift but we got er done!

BOY !!!!! that sounds like way too much fun for me. I'm glad I am retired.

Man if I worked a 15 1/2 shift that would be 5.5 hours of overtime. Great to meet you Joseph. maybe sometime again we'll get down that way.

Joseph, that is a big call!!!!!!! Also sorry you couldn't join us. Next time. I will give more notice. We will make it happen.

I look forward to it Phil. Looking at the photos made me jealous. Yeah that was a long night. My son was so tired but never whined knowing it had to be done. He got overtime.

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