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Can I upload photos & videos directly to the site from my computer ?




bypassing what ? LOL Parental control ?

HA HA Luke !! Do I have to go through U-TUBE or what ever ??

Sorry Richard nowadays You can´t upload directly to the site.. It takes way too much space on servers.
Now we can only link to videos wchich are uploaded to You Tube or Vimeo...
Personally I mostly use Vimeo. It takes more time (first to upload then I have to wait like 30-40 minutes for converting - it´s made automatically , but takes time)... OK that was bad news, The good news are :

1. The quality of the video is perfect
2. (and most important) You never have problems with soundtrack; meaning those copyrights obsticles you have on YouTube....

Try that one day.....

Thanx polssken, I went through You Tube .

I had the same problem with some of my videos.... Music copyright did it couldn´t be shown in some countries... Try Vimeo; as I said - it takes more time but it´s better...

Make sure you have your setting in vimeo so the general public cannot view them only the ppl that you give the link to like CCC

Now on the other hand pictures can be posted directly from your computer.... just not the videos Biggrin

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