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Pipes and Bags

Hi everyone, need some help before I buy. Currently have a Vstar 1300, hard bags supplied by Yamaha. Need to replace the OEM pipes for Vance and Hines big shots, but not sure they will hit the bags or not. A lot of expense if they don't fit.





If they are anything like the Cobras I installed on My Stratoliner. they will be too low. I scrap the lower pipe every RH corner. Now the pipes are just rusted where the chrome has been ground off.

Ray if they are OEM Yamaha hard bags I doubt that big shots would hit them. Same as Scruffy I used to have Cobra on my 1100, and they were low enough. I however had leather bags. Hard bags are not significantly lower than the leather ones and big shots' diameter is less then the stock ones'. So I believe they will fit and look perfectly

Thanks Scruffy and Alec. Got Vance and Hines on my 1100 Vstar and they never hit the ground so I imagine the big shots won't either.

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