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Please help

I️ was given this bike by my father after my sister passed. Dad rides a Harley, this is his old bike. He told me "get it running so we can go for a ride". I️ do know a bit about cars, but nothing about motorcycles. It's a 2002 Suzuki intruder 1400. I️ need a new battery, this one is gone, but I️ also noticed a fuel leak every time I️ try to start to start the bike After charging battery. I️ can see no visible hose that connects to this. Anyone willing to point me in the right direction?




Here's a start. Download the first and bookmark the second. and
Fill out your profile and post on the New Member section. Everyone here who can help, will.

Thanks, will do.

Good one Edwin. I'd do the fuel pump and lines, Once those gaskets get dry they tend to leak and need replaced. If it's been sitting that long the rubber will be compromised. so just replace the whole shot and save yourself some headaches down the line

If you can see in my profile photo, the item circled is what I’m talking about. I can find a line that has fallen off, or what it might connect to. What is the name of the part that is circled? Thank you guys for responding. I agree that all the lines need to be replaced.


Can't? The carb has a fuel line , breather line and synchronizing cable connecting to it. Can you show another picture a bit futher away?

Just a thought. Is it where the line from carb 1 to carb 2?

as you are undertaking a project bike I thought this may come in handy

Can you open the manual link?

I can although the graphics blur when I blow them up

Hi Brandi -
I am not sure if you are mechanically minded but if you do and can understand how to fit New Fuel lines and make reference to a workshop manual then just take things one step at a time ...

Many Thanks to Edwins for the Shop Manual Link - That is something that you need to download and keep and use to give you a greater understanding of your motorcycle - in every aspect of it for maintainence and repairs.

Have you Downloaded the Maunal as yet ??? Please do so if you can - OK.
Have you found the Section (5) on the Fuel System ???
Can you see the diagram in Section 5-1 showing the fuel tank and the fuel lines, Taps, Pump and carbies ???
I am not sure of what has come adrift there but from what I can gather there may be a fuel line come adrift - if you can install the line to where it goes, might be a good start and see IF any more fuel leak/s anywhere before trying to start the Intruder again ...
Just let me know how you get on please and I will do my Best to help out - and pease let me know how much you understand about mechanicals of vehicles - No Inference that you might not know anything - there are a lot of guys that aren't mechanically minded so please NO Offence intended - I am just trying to establish your Mechanical understanding before venturing any further OK ... I am a 64 yr old retired motorcycle mechanic here in NSW Australia (New South Wales a few hundred miles from Sydney the Capital) - I live out of a small rural town where they raise sheep and cattle and I enjoy the quiet life these days ... Just getting out for a ride when Ican is my main aim in life & Helping others out along the way is always good as I just want everybody to enjoy their motorcycles for as long as they can ...
I am here to Help you get the suzuki going safely if I can OK ...

Brandi - Could you give me a little background of your mechanical skills Please - I just want to know if you are up for the job of getting your hands dirty and repairing your motorcycle - knowing how things work and knowing how to repair things is a great way of understanding your motorcycle - If you can use basic hand tools you should be OK and be able to get things done that need to be done to get the Suzuki running ...

Keep US ALL informed of your progress Please ...
Regards -
frostbite (Greg)

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