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Please provide feedback - Picture Tabs on Cruiser Customizing

Hello community members,

We are constantly working on making a better website for our customers. We have tossed around some ideas about having "Picture Tabs" for the navigation of Cruiser.

We really appreciate our customer's opinions so we are hoping you could give us your thoughts of this new CC Picture Tabs mockup? Does it give you a good user experience?



Mannnnnnn.............I haven't even adjusted to the "new" site yet !!! Now you're gonna change it all around and confuse us old guys , again ??!! lol
If you want to improve something , make it so that we can enlarge the pictures after we click on them. Often times I look at a picture in the photos area , and wish I could enlarge the picture so I can see more detail. I'd love to be able to make a picture from the photos section " full screen".

I think so. I need pictures cause I can't read.

Pictures is good, but enlarging would be great.

I'm with Steve and Bigbrunk !

To be honest, I am not sure about this change. It does not jump out at me as being great.

As both said. Better info on fitting.

great feedback so far! keep it coming

As above.

As above too

Haven't clicked on the tabs as when I log in it takes me to my bike specific products automatically.

I agree with the picture enlargement / zoom statements. At times the picture does not enlarge merely opens another window of the same size.


thanks, guys, I created a new discussion regarding the "product zoom feature". Please continue that discussion here:

Please let us know your feedback regarding the "picture tabs".

Dido, zoom or enlarging, please.Picture tabs, maah.

It looks fine to me.

I think it looks great, but you could have used one of my bikes for the metric Smiley-wink
I actually think the CC site is one of the best laid out sites for bike parts. One problem I do find is that sometimes the search for my bike brings out a lot of other bikes that are not relevant to what I am looking for.

Me too! Great idea.

Tools which aid quicker navigation to your intended destination are welcomed as far as I am concerned. I would change the "Cruiser" tab to read "Metric".

That's a good idea Peter.

Given that the pictures for "picture tabs" would be very small , I don't think it's such a good idea. Those of us that require reading glasses would have a more difficult time seeing small pictures...............( especially those of us that pretend we don't need glasses ) lol

Oh , one more thing.........................lose the Can's not a "bike" , it's a ski-doo on wheels !!
( that should cause a reaction ) lol

I agree with you Brunk! Every time I see one of them , that's EXACTLY what I think too.....Skidoo on wheels. Maybe when I'm 80 and can't hold the VTX up, I'll consider something like that....

Actually I like the tabs. It would save a lot of typing as I often look for things for different bikes .

I never thought of it as a landlubber Skidoo. Now that you brought it up.

I hope I get to the point that when I ride people complain About whose the old Bastard on that old VTX.

I have a Spyder - you have to ride it to see what it's all about, I think it's a pretty cool machine. I don't ride it often but when I do I have a blast. And I enjoy when people without a motorcycle license can get a taste of our freedom Smiley-wink

you don't need a bike license to ride those ???? That just proves my point , they are not bikes................sorry

Brunk, you sure, I thought a bike license was needed on the Spyder???

Uwe probably doesn't have much experience riding a Skidoo...............

At least a Skidoo will lean in a turn. Really, They are fun to ride on the water.

Looks great Uwe I'd leave it at cruiser , it sounds better than metric !
Thumbs up mate all good .

So, IF we approve of using Bike icons then tabs. Do we get T shirts?

I took a Spyder for an extended test ride - 3-4 hours - took it to some twisty backroads. Once you get used to the different approach to steering etc they are a hoot.

Peter, I would also like to try one just for interest. Was that the new 1330 cc model or the older Rotax 998?

Steve - it was last year and it was the Rotax. My mate and I took two out - can't remember the model designations but one was the full bagger type with top box and all for touring and the other was the stripped down sporty version.

Sounds like you had the RT and the RS.
Flynny here in Melb bought the Spyder ST SE5. Nice bike!

Steve don't you mean nice trike ? Are they a trike ?

I'm sure they are Lowie, they just have a lot of reverse gears!

Echo the above sentiments. The tabs are handy but not a deal breaker. They make life a little easier and therefore you are supporting your ago of being user friendly. Gofrit.

I Like the tabs and the skidoo in all its 3 forms, water, snow, road.

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