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popping through exaust

Vulcan 1500 popping through exaust .
Bike has a edelbrock quicksilver carburetor, vancs&hines pipes streight shot short.,and a dyna2000 digital ignition ..
Dont know if anything has been done inside motor.
Ran great 2moths ageo,
Has great pickup when giveing it gas but once you level off and get to desired speed and hold it it starts like a popcorn.
Rear plugs blck sooty, front are ok.
Put new plugs in no change..
Tried and got another of the same ignition module. It was bad so there goes $300.. was told they dont make original anymore .and just so you know the carberator was not made for a metric bike was made for Harley.
Beautifull bike and right now is a 659lb paper weight.
Please help



The black sooty plug means it running rich on the rear cylinder. Running rich can cause popping.
The bad news is Edelbrock has discontinued the Quicksilver and they aren't giving much help. That might explain things a little.

Looking for a factory or another carb that will work ,doesn't need to be a high performance carb.
Any suggestions?

Okay. First, you need the part number for the original carb assembly.
Then, track one down.
Next, get a good set of jets.

Edwins, thats what im teying to do ,cant find an original, vancs and hines sells jet kits that match the pipes ..

This is a 95 set. Not sure what the difference between 95 and 96.

Well, with a new set of plugs, cheap ones ,and some leaning out the carb its running pretty good . Have put just a little more than 200 miles and is doing great went on a nice ride up to Gettysburg P.a. and no pro lems.

Thanks for the help

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