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Vstar 1100 possible ecu/cdi box failure

If I get on the freeway and go 65 or more mph for more than 10 miles I will get a cutting out of power/ cylinder firing and get left stranded.If I let the bike sit for a while it will run for a while. The longer it sits the longer it will run.

I hear the fuel pump when bike is in failure. I smell gas if I crank it.

I can hear compression when I crank.

I get one cylinder dropping out just seconds before the other. Sometimes if I start it to soon I'll only be on one cylinder.

I drive locally I can ride bike completely normally with all power available.

Methinks fuel pump works cuz I'm smelling gas when I crank a bit. (and I hear it clack clack clack)

Methings to ignition coils don't fail same time and cut out from heat exactly the same time.

I'm really thinking I have a faulty ECU but I could really use some expert opinion experience here.
Thanks for any feedback Smiley-wink


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I don't know of a way a home mechanic can test a ECU except by swapping it with a known good unit or trying it on another bike. It's kind of like proving everything else is good, leaving the ECU as the last suspect,
There are companies that can test your unit with their specialized computer equipment.
Do a search on "ECU testing near me."

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