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Posting photos

I can't upload photos the upload photo and album is there but it's greyed out. Help!



Try going to the choose section of your home page, go to my photos, then should have a highlighted add photo

Thanks Allen! You know how to do it now Dave as I saw your pic....

No problem Gert. Just trying to help

Yea I been bugging Allen lol on how to do certain things he kinda took me under his wing, now to upload a vid tomorrow then figure out how to upload an album.

I'm glad to help. Lots of things I'm still learning as well. Will tell you what I know, though

It's appreciated my man

There is a Help link at the bottom of the screen Dave.

I forgot about that, lol. Thanks Terry

I keep forgetting about those links myself. (Old age) Smiley-laughing

You're not old Terry! My granddad was used to say, even when he was nearly 90: "I'm not old, the devil is old!" Smiley-wink

Never thought of it that way.

I used to say "I'm not as old as dirt but, I did have to mop up after the flood."

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