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Power loss

Hi gang. I have a 98 Suzuki Intruder VL 1500 LC. My catalytic converters was rusting out, so I cut it off and took the exhaust to a welder. The top exhaust was simple, just weld a short pipe where it was cut from converter. However, if u own this bike, u know the lower exhaust goes into and out of the converter in a U-shape. I asked the welder to just bend a pipe and weld together. Instead he decided a straight pipe would be better. He opened the solid end of the muffler and welded a pipe to it then welded the side openings shut. Looks good, but I was concerned since the natural flow of the exhaust didn’t enter there.

Now my dilemma. Exhaust back on, bike sounds totally different. But I have lost substantial power. I wouldn’t dare pull out into traffic for fear of not getting up to speed. I think the muffler is partially blocked. He says that’s what happens when u remove the catalytic. There is a strong smell of gas fumes as well. Points to a blocked muffler to me. What say you??






Better putting a proper full exhaust on it a & Then you may have to Jet it up with bigger Main Jets & 1 Size bigger Idle jet as The Idle jet will stop it back firing, & If it's fuel Injected you will have to get it Dynoed, If you do any of this you will be surprised at the extra power you get.

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