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Pulling a trailer

Can anyone comment on the plus and minus point of pulling a small trailer behind a bike.  I'm riding a Royal Star 1300 V4.  Planning to ride 2 up on a 4000 mile trip over 20 to 30 days on highway and secondary road this summer.




HI, I was just woundering the same thing. I have a chance to buy a small trailer for $400.00 from a friend. I figured that i would buy it and try out towing it. The trailer is only 3x6 feet. Makes into a small tent style trailer. I think it should be fun. The bike weights about 900lbs and the trailer is only 100 lbs or so. A friend of mine has towed a trailer for years and never had any real issues. He say's just go a little slower and enjoy the ride. Good luck on your trailer.

As long as they are set up properly & have a swivel tow ball they are a great way to cart extra around on trip's Smiley-laughing

I tow a trailer with my VN900 Kawasaki and it will do it all day long 2 up without a problem. I tend to sit on around 90km - 100km (55mph -60mph), we do at least 1 trip from Adelaide to Queensland here in Australia and that is around a 3100mile (5000km) trip.

What you need to remember is you have a trailer on behind you so ride in the middle of the road and do not cut corners or you will find the trailer on the wrong side if the white line, Braking takes a little longer but no real concern fuel consumption goes up just a little again nothing to be concerned about. I have found that a strong head or side wind will affect fuel consumption a fair bit however these are not the norm and should just be a reminder that it can happen.

Good things are you can take a few little comforts like a folding chair a spare jacket & pants in case the weather changes , I carry an extra 20 litres (5 gal) of fuel in 2 fuel containers that gives me an extra 300km (186mile) range, I also carry a small radio, 2 burner gas camping stove with a small gas bottle, a small table, swag or tent, a pillow knives, forks etc, plates, bowls.

What you carry obviously will depend on where you are going and what you will be doing also sleeping arrangements, sometimes we don't take the tent or swags and decide to stay in motels so that way she can bring more of here necessities (clothes), all in all I would not be without my trailer I love it

Oh and I run lower pressures (20 - 25 psi) in the tyres as this stops the trailer from bouncing around as much

Good info Dan I-m so happy

We also have an esky (ice box) we put on the draw bar for cold drinks non alcoholic and alcoholic (BEER), milk for the coffee, and also to keep perishables a bit longer.

I towed a small cargo trailer behind my 83 GW 1100 for a lot of miles all over the western states without any trouble at all. They tow so easy you have to remember they're back there and like others have said it takes a little longer to stop and be careful on the corners and load it with just a little more weight in the front than on the rear so you don't get a wobble.

Also contact Als1953. He also tows a trailer long distances.

My brother has a Goldwing 1200. He has a trailer behind his bike, it's a little folding caravan. He uses it always to go on holidays. It has a little storage, and on the camping place it's about 10 minutes work and you have a bed size 120 by 210 cm. Like Dan, he's riding about 90 km/u and never had a problem with it.

Some great info there Dan. I had also thought about a trailer for the 109 but now I have those monster bags on it I don't think I need one.

Oh but they are a good thing to have, I have even used it to do the shopping when the cage was off the road

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