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Purchasing Suzuki s40 2006

hey I’m buying my first motorcycle and I came across this s40 being sold for 2500 I offered this guy 1k and he’s willing to work with it but it seems the bike has two problems.
one it’s not turning over owner says it’s due to the fact it’s been sitting out since December
(He purchased it in October as a bobber project but is now selling it for some reason)
two it seems the vibrations of that single cylinder shook the headlight and horn wires loose because neither of them work .
I don’t mind putting in work if I have to clean the carbs since I’m only paying one grand for a bike with 10k miles I just want to make sure nothings wrong with the engine cause I won’t be able to hear it and I’ve heard someone saying something about having to constantly rebuild the top end .
thanks for the help and I have a video of its startup if y’all wanna see.




I wouldn't get it. If it won't turn over you can't hear the engine. My bike has sat for far longer than that and hops right over

It's the cam chain and tension-er that go out most often which can cause other damage. I believe they sell an upgrade kit.

walk away

What Eynstyn said !

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