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Questions and Answers Feature - Implemented

Hi Cruisers,
we are testing another new feature. CruiserCustomizing customers will be able to post questions on a CC product page and those questions will show up under the "Tech help - customizing help" topic with links back to the CC product page.

So you might see an influx of questions, possibly some invalid ones. Please be patient with the questions of any new members, if necessary you can just click the "report" link to bring it to our moderator's attention.

I'll let you know once the feature is available on all of CruiserCustomzing.

Thanks in advance




looks like we already have the first question - including an answer , wow!

Seems to be a nice feature. I'll surely use it.

thanks for the feedback I have received in private messages so far. We will be making it a bit more obvious on the CruiserCustomizing product pages that questions will be posted on our community. Plus we give CC customers the option to contact the CC customer service team instead. I also added a link to this discussion form the main "customizing help" page.

The advantage of the feature will be that especially beginning riders can easily ask questions and get feedback from experienced riders. Those questions and answers will then be shown on the CC product pages so others don't have to ask the same questions over and over again.

Plus we'll add a feature that allows members to receive notifications if a question is asked for a product they have reviewed. Members that have installed and used a product are the most qualified to give a good answer.

CC will also get their suppliers to participate in the discussions for tricky questions we can't easily answer.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas or feedback.

Sounds good Uwe. I usually try to decide which questions need an honest assist and which ones should left alone eg they haven't bothered to do any research ie LMGTFY or it's outside my experience level. And sometimes I cant help myself from answering! Smiley-laughing
Can you enlarge/brighten or maybe flash the Installation Guide or Fitment Details? Seems a lot of answers can be found in them (or the ad itself) and yet there are a lot of questions being asked that can be answered if you simply look at the info already provided.
And another idea, can you add the manufacturers weblink / enquiry ph number into the ad?

Cheers, Steve

Good idea, this certainly clears up a growing controversy within CCC .... cheers

good ideas, Steve. Thank you.
I know, reading seems to be an underused skill Smiley-wink

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