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Recommended oil.

Coming up on my first oil change with this 07 VStar 1300. As I didn't recieve an owners manual with a used bike I'd like to know what oil is recommended for this bike.  Thanks....KR




Welcome from Kansas City. I'll do you one better. Here's your owner's manual.
A lot of good people here are willing to help.

Welcome Kevin. From Penrith NSW Australia.

Hey that's awesome! Thanks a ton! I came to the right place.

im trying rotella t4 this year, it doesn't have any friction modifiers and is in the middle price range between yamalube and other motorcycle brands. i liked penzoil 2050 but they stoped making it in canada, yamalube costs to much. check the manual and do some googleing, the shoice is yours

Hi Kevin . welcome from Ontario Canada

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