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Recommended oil.

Coming up on my first oil change with this 07 VStar 1300. As I didn't recieve an owners manual with a used bike I'd like to know what oil is recommended for this bike.  Thanks....KR




Welcome from Kansas City. I'll do you one better. Here's your owner's manual.
A lot of good people here are willing to help.

Welcome Kevin. From Penrith NSW Australia.

Hey that's awesome! Thanks a ton! I came to the right place.

im trying rotella t4 this year, it doesn't have any friction modifiers and is in the middle price range between yamalube and other motorcycle brands. i liked penzoil 2050 but they stoped making it in canada, yamalube costs to much. check the manual and do some googleing, the shoice is yours

Hi Kevin . welcome from Ontario Canada

Hi Kevin I use yamalube full synthetic it is dearer but i find it a good investment. Not so many oil changes between services. Just personnel choice. Welcome to the site from Sydney Australia.

Disregard the photo its old my new ride is a 2010 1300 tourer just haven't put up the new pic.

Yamalube here is pricey, but worth it...I think the oil change cost more than it did on my car

im also using napa gold filters, they have a good sale $6 a filter, i would say its better the a yamha filter for my ork

What oil and brand should I go through I have a 2013 vstar 1300 and only has 4300 miles on it and I just bought the bike and this is going to be the first oil change on this bike after I purchased it

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