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Removal of factory applied pin-striping

My Vstar 1100 has pin-striping that I think actually detracts from the bike.  I'd like to remove them but have no idea how to do it and have the paint retain its purdiness.  Has anyone done this?  I really want to remove them.




Not on a bike. Is it paint or that tape stuff

Vstar striping if it's factory its paint under the clear coat. Sorry

Plan B. , Have someone add to the pinstripe in a fancy design

If they are painted on and you want them gone it's a major deal. Do you have any good local strippers who could do a make over. I am fortunate to have some close. and

The decals/striping on mine are under clear coat. They can stay. Looking at the emblem on the boss' V Star, it appears to be under clear coat too. Not sure about the stripes. Is there a spot where the stripes go out of sight? Try there first so that if you mess it up, it won't wreck the look of your bike. Good luck.

I can feel the slight rise in the pin-strip and can't tell if there is clear coat over it. That all can tell. I don't see any vstar 1100 riders jumping in here who have done it. I will keep searching for experienced remover advise. Except for Edwins who has had someone do it. Guess I will have to live with it awhile longer. I will try a little bit with fishing string and blow dryer.

I've no experience with VStars but I do with Vulcans. I removed the tank emblem on my then Mean Streak as per tnatiger's suggestion with a hair dryer and fishing line. A heat gun will damage paint unless you are ultra careful. Regardless of whether the pinstriping is painted or a decal, if it is under clear coat (usually multiple coats), you cannot remove the pinstripes without sanding back the clear coat; and you cannot sand back the clear cost without scuffing the paint. That said, if the tank paint is not an unusual or complicated pattern, a competent spray painter could colour match and respray the sections where you have sanded away/removed the pinstripes. You would basically be paying for a respray of your tank.

Yes Peter, I've removed tank emblems on a Kwaka Vulcan Classic and the C109R Boulevard and others. Used some thin fishing line and basically zig zagged it along the back of the emblem. However, these weren't decals. I agree with what you say about the clear coat and for my money, if I disliked the stripes so much, I'd just go to the panter.

As I previously said..... I've owned a vstar 1100 have a buddy who still owns one and multiple friends with a vstar 650. If it was done at the factory like nearly all star cruisers it's painted on and then clearcoated to protect it.

Smiley-laughing Agreed

repaint is the only option


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