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Requesting V-Star 1100 Tire Information

I have a V Star 1100 Classic which I bought last year 
It has approx 20,000 km on it and although the tires look and feel good, after reading other blogs I discovered that there is a manufacturers date stamped on them (which I will look for once I get the bike out of storage) 
Other blogs have suggested that irregardless, the life expectancy is 6 years? before the rubber starts to deteriorate from the inside out?
According to specs the front is 130/90-16 and rear is 170/80-15 

Any suggestions as to what is a good brand to replace them with?
I plan to be doing more highway/higher speeds this summer



I went with commander II front and back with 2oz of balancing beads in each tire. very nice tire for the money.
They seem to be more rounded like a sport bike tire.
i went with cheap spitfires on my intruder, lets just say you get what you pay for.

i got 39000 km on my front(2015) and 45000 km on the back(2016). ( 24233 miles on front and 27961 miles on back)
2008 vstar, so i got 7-8 years on them. depends if you are garaged or sitting outside.
what year is yours?

Hi Eynstyn - Thanks - I'll take a look at the commanders - mine is a 2005 - as I don't have a garage (plan on building one by the fall) - I have it stored in a climate controlled environment at a cycle shop - I plan on picking it up by the of the I just bought it last year I'm not sure of the storage history

I also have a V star 1100 and I have Bridgestone tires and I realy like them. Used the same brand when I had my Royal Star. They are comfortable, good in wet and dry weather conditions and strong. The DOT number on your tires will tell you the production month and year. I would say about 7 years is maximum to use a tire and them I would change it for a new one.

Thanks for the info Gert - I've checked out the Commander II 's - now I'll check out the Bridgestones as well - hopefully the last owner changed them at some point - as the bike is still in storage I had to rely on picks on my laptop - the ones I have on now are Dunlops - but that is all I could read

Thanks for the site Eynstyn ... ya - the tires certainly do look the same... Ill have to check the date stamp on mine

Thanks for the manual !

Hey Gordo, when I owned my 750 Shadow Aero it ran the same sizes, when it was time for new tyres I went from Dunlops to Shinko white walls with no regrets. The shinkos performed admirably in all conditions, generally my riding consists of backroads and country highways with plenty of twisties and well loaded up. Even though the V star weighs a tad more I wouldn't see any issues with getting good mileage from the white walls looked great on a black bike.

Your bike came with Dunlop 404 on it originally. They’re really soft and get no miles before becoming worn out especially in the middle. I put metzeler ME888 on and they worked great. They held in corners till I dragged hard parts. They’re specifically designed for high miles. They wear great.

Thank you all for the tire ideas - I'll be checking out quite a few from the suggestions...Commander II, Metzeler, Bridgestone, and Shinko's... the question I do have is this: I have about 20k on the Dunlops...I bought the bike last year...there is still some pretty good meat on them ... if they were low miler to expiry, someone may have changed them and simply put the same original brand back on the bike? This is really killing me now as I have another 2 weeks until I get it out of storage so I can check the date stamp...irregardless, if they are over 6yrs ... or even close, I will replace first !!

Better safe than sorry!

Hi Dub - I just sourced the Shiko whitewalls up here in Canada - free shipping ... $330.00 for the pair tax in ...not bad and quite a bit cheaper than the others ... I wonder how whitewalls would look on a classic?

Would look real nice. They are on my wish list.

I'll see if I can find some pics to look at online

It would look awesome Gordo !. I was looking at a Red and Gold V-Star as an upgrade from my Shadow and it had white walls, perfect match.
There are some good photos of V-Star with WW on google.
Btw Shinko were originally Yokohama before being bought out by a Korean Co.

Hi Dub .... I checked out some pics ...they look really good! This summer I plan on stripping off the saddlebags,rear seat and backrest for city riding (and the tank tags) ... and maybe adding a fender bib (I have a tank bib) ... I think the WW's would look really great with the stripped down classic look! I didn't realize that Shinko were Yoko's! I remember having those on my street bikes - yama and suzi - when I was a kid

they only look good if they are clean, dont forget the get dirty and brown white walls are not nice.

True Eynstyn ...something to take into consideration !

Whitewalls are easy maintenance though. A quick spray down with concentrated simple green cleaner and watch the gunk run off. Great for black walls too. I use it on my tires wheels and engine every time I wash it. I don’t usually use it on the tank or fenders because it takes the wax off.

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