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Responding to My Needs and Providing Results

I emailed a statement and provided pictures of a defect on a mirror I had ordered. I also followed up with phone calls. The CrusierCustomizing Agent listened to the problem and determined that they should send me a 2nd mirror to replaced the defective one. It's on back order so I have not received it yet, but I have the order number and the promise it is on the way. I almost coped an attitude, because I thought: "I'd get the threatment". Quite the opposite; the agent was polite, knowledgable and understood my needs; providing a positive result.

Once before, I called about a defective part and was sent another; on that ocassion I was asked to return the bad part. In both situations the company responded with replacement parts. Smile I will continue to purchase most of motorcycle needs from CC because they stand by their supply/sales. Thank You.




John, They are a great team and go out of their way to make sure we are looked after. Glad to hear you are happy with them, good customer service is hard to find these days

So glad we could help John!

That's what we are here for, getting what ever the issue is resolved!

We pride ourselves in having the best customer service out there, glad we have another job well done thanks for taking the time to thank us!!!

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

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