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"Restricted Photo" Feature Implemented - 3 guys cleaned up all 100,000 Photos

I'm very happy to announce that the "restricted photo" feature is now "officially" launched and the complete website has been cleanup up. This is a huge achievement for our site and we have done it in record time.
Gibbo was just "testing the waters" 3 weeks ago and all your feedback and votes put the "restricted area for babe photos" project on the fast track for implementation.
Then the unthinkable happened - just 3 brave man signed up for the task to cleanup 100,000 photos on the site. It took us 4 years to upload all those photos. How long would it take to go through every single one of them and find the ones that need to be moved to the "restricted" photos area? 6 months? 3 months? No, they did it in 10 days working non-stop until they couldn't stay awake any longer ... 
Then they would post a message with the position where they stopped and another one would pick it up from there. I saw 70 of those messages going back and forth. When they didn't find very many photos at the end I suggested to call the project done. But they insisted on going through the last 20,000 photos as well to make sure they got them all. That is commitment!!!

Their dedication and hard work will be forever remembered on our site - and told around the campfires at future CCC rallies all over the world Smiley-wink
Clyde (cliftonking),  Marek (polssken) and Marty (hidetooler) - you are our heros!!! I award each of you the "Photo Cleanup Crew" badge to show up on your profile and all your posts and comments on the site. I want to personally thank you - what you have done was above and beyond what anyone would have expected. Thank you!!!

We also had continued discussions about which photos should only be shown in the "restricted" photo section and came up with some pretty good guidelines. Please follow these guidelines when uploading photos that might be "questionable". I have asked Marked to become a moderator since he now has so much experience with "those" photos and he accpeted. Thanks again, Marek!

To access the "restricted photos" you now to have edit your profile and check the "Access Restricted Photos" box at the very bottom of the page. Then you'll see a "Restricted Photos" option on the photos page. I created a little video to give you a preview of the restricted photo area.

I'm very proud to be part of this motorcycle community that decided to respect each other's opinions and preferences. That means a lot and will go a long way!!!





Thanks for your work guys. I was just getting to a point where I had a bit of spare time coming know, no afternoon naps etc. Clyde must have been doing his bit as he rode.... lol

When we do right, No one remembers, when we Do wrong, No one forgets, But your Right, Will Not be forgotten guy's. I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy

shit i just like looking at drity photos i am to cheap to buy playboy . and i can't read any way so i was just haveing fun and getting my rocks off when i drove off the ciff i had flash back of all the nude women and said well this is it but at lest i'll begoneing with a haedone have to look at the brigth side of things

Clyde! You crack me up. Smiley-laughing

Great work Uwe, Really appreciate all your hard work, I know it's not easy, Thanks

WOW, thanks for your dedication dudes!! I hope you're all okay??, and congrats to Marek on your new position!
well done!!! Clyde you haven't strained your arm by any chance???

So umm,,, who would have recieved badges for being the highest contributers in the "new" category?? lol

Tony, you come up with a name for that badge ... Smiley-wink

Umm, you're going to have to give me some time to think about that one! lol

Oh, that was soooo little... I filled my hard drive with some new photos... It was a pleasure.... help I mean


Great stuff guys. Congrats Marek. You da censor.

Great work all of you. Thanks also.

The badge for Tony could be..."Most Restricted Lady"s Man"... LOL! Smiley-laughing

I think the new badge could be called 'THE CLYDE" ......

We have badges here now?

Well yeah, there's an 'albert' badge and a 'Clyde' badge and a Phillip badge and a Uwe badge and they all lived in little boxes and they all looked just the same .....

Where's my little box?

Your's is the first little box Albert ....

I think you're getting a little ticky tacky.......

Well what bloody box do you want Albert !!!

Oh dear. This is getting very Avery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.........yes, it's nice is'nt it ?????

Not zacchery wot I woz thunking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Phil - you can confide in me door is always open (that was stolen - and I want it BACK !)


Have a look at this - its funny ...........'I Put a Spell on YOU '

You are a sick puppy Avery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..... yes, it's nice is'nt it ???

It all looks good from here!

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