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Retiring the "Tribes" Feature

Just as we add new features from time to time we should also remove some unused featurs to simplify the site experience and simplify the maintenance on the site.
The "Tribes" feature hasn't been used much in the last little while. 
Is anyone opposed to removing it from the site?



I'm a member of 4 tribes. Can't remember when I used one of them for the last time..... Can only speak for myself, I wouldn't have a big problem with removing the tribes Uwe......

I have just started to use the tribe section a lot more over the last 3 months I even started up a new tribe and we do communicate a lot through pm ( more than 20 would be good but that's another matter) and found by doing this that the tribe members are now more active in their posts and videos and comments posted even having made some good friends through it
its a good platform to find out about fellow members and having good conversations with out having to go public
so with out the tribe section this would no have happened and would encourage people to use it a lot more

i agree with Telf!
i think the "tribe" feature should be kept!

maybe as an alternative, if a tribe has had no movement with members for a long period..say a year...then that tribe may be removed..???

I'm with Telf on this.

I'm a member of 14 tribes and feel that I don't really need them as any posts I contribute are there for everyone to see anyway. If I post to the max 5 tribes I'm virtually repeating myself.
I'm also a member of 4 other bike sites and one feature I would like to see on CC which could possibly replace the Tribes is "Discussion or Community Statistics" This can show how many members with their profile name are online up to the last 15 minutes. When you see any of your friends you can PM or Skype knowing that they are available.
It can also show how many guests are on line and how many members visited any of the Discussions.
As a record, it can show the date of when the most members were online at the same time. It gives an insight to the CCC community activity.

Good idea Tezza... I also would like to see who is online in real time... I think Tribes as they are have no practical fuction.

I thought CCC,was the "Tribe".

Never thought about your idea Terry, but I agree. Great idea!

Yes vote one for Tezza's idea, I must say I rarely use the tribe feature.

I also agree with Telf, Let it stay I-m so happy Also Grant's Idea about if tribe not used then Delete it I-m so happy

Like Tezza I am a member of a lot of tribes and I don't bother with that feature. If it can't be posted publically then I don't post it. Remove it and make room for something that will be used

I like Tezza's idea too. If the "Tribes" section was removed from the site, there's nothing stopping anyone from continuing to have their own group of like-minded riders. (such as the YIAH Tribe, of which I am a proud member). I actually see the "Tribes" section as more of a divisive feature than one that joins us all together. JJ, you're right......... we're all members of CCC.

I'm a member of a few tribes . Used to use that feature a bit on the old site but not at all on the new site. I agree with Len. If there is a mood to keep the feature then I support Grant's suggestion ... if no activity for a period of time then delete. I suggest a shorter period ... say 6 months ... even 3.

I'm with everyone on this, tribes are good if your using it, but on some of the tribes I see they haven't been used in a while. Also some members or a lot of members sign up never to be seen again when you go through the members page some members haven't been seen in years. Definetly not active member. They should be removed.

I guess I've never explored the tribes feature. I just post publicly if I'm going to post.

But do keep the setting for restricted, please! I rarely have to deal with racy or inappropriate pics and stuff bcz they're under that heading, thankfully!

Don't worry Joyce .... not much risk of the Restricted Photos section being removed. MUCH debate, discussion and pressure over the years to create that setting.

I don't see the point of the tribes anymore.
We're all sharing the same interests at the end of the day.
I also believe that if a member has been back in two years they aren't going to return & probably best to delete them.

Thanks! That is a definite blessing! Smiley-laughing

As stated there is a incredible number of tribes. I think the most of the are no longer used. PM the tribe boss and determine if it still needs to exist. I can go either way Kicked out of one and belong to three. I think only YIAH Is my active one for the time being.

I agree with everyone except one and that one can actually go since it really has nothing to do with bikes. it was the 2nd amendment tribe. I posted to it several times when it first started and it was nice to talk with other members of like guns and bikes both. This helped as the majority of the members here I think tend not care for the gun discussion. It is a fairly hot potato that has to be handled carefully. As much as I liked the idea of tribes and use in regards the 2nd amendment tribe, I would still favor removal as it is for the betterment of CCC in general.
If the tribes could maybe be thinned down for inactivity, moved off the top real estate, and left for those few who use them alot???
I do like Tezza's idea if it could be made know who is on line, like Skype. It gives you a little notice that someone came on line and you could then message them immediately and converse or switch over to Skype if per chance you did not have it open at the time.

Cull any tribes not being used (say those not being used for 6 months)

i agree cull the tribes not being used but some one needs to look at the correctness of latest activity as they could be used more than that people are seeing
let me try and explain
i click on tibes tab and my tribes come up
ill use the YIAH tribe as an example bu all are the same
latest activity column it shows "meet up and ride 18th January" heading 3 months ago but i know that tribe members including myself have been posting lately i did 2 days ago nickymetromagna 9 hours ago
so something is not registering all of the activity

as a member of several tribes I say keep them as long as they are active like others have said. sadly I really don't know how to use that section very well. so I know my opinion is weighted very little. I am just glad that we all have a place to chat and share pics and videos.

are we done with the canadian shirt thing?

I think there should just be a reduction of tribes, as some tribes have only two members.

I think the tribes feature can go. I have in the past joined every tribe and contacted the member that requested the tribe's establishment to encourage their use. Many have had no activity what so ever since their inception. Not even a post from the tribe's originator. They seemed to be more widely used in the site's previous format for some reason. For example, Mid Life Crisis was very active but no longer.
Some of the tribes may get used, but in the main, they are not.
Just my view.

hello is the shirt thing done?

What shirt thing Eynstyn?

That's in another string Eynstyn ... no conclusion yet as to the likely Tagline ... as far as I am aware ...

One tribe is plenty get rid of them all except the big one CCC

Hagar, you are a genius! Lol

Thanks Al i done 7 years of sckoolen

All in kindergarden. Lol

I remember you ,you are the teachers pet

Yes, but I was there for 14 years....

Idiot ........oh you are

I haven't been here for too long and did join several tribes however all the posts I have made have been to the general discussions or comments to pictures and videos. My feeling is that if you post only to a tribe those who are not part of that tribe may not see the post, they may have, if they had seen it, had a comment to add or they may have been helped in some part of their riding experience.

Strangely some tribes discussions are hidden from everyone not in the tribe and others are not. It is difficult to give support to people when only a tribe can see the post. The way I see it, the tribes feature creates a divide and this is not what this site is about. It has outlived its usefulness so just get rid of the lot.

thank you all for the feedback. While some members still like the tribe feature I think it's best to retire it for several reasons:
- creating sub-groups within our community carry the risk of creating problems
- almost all tribes have little activity and it confuses the overall "user interface" for members that don't use tribes
- the tribe feature is somewhat broken

Sorry we couldn't accommodate everybody's requests.
We'll remove the feature shortly from the site.


We used to refer members to the "2nd amendment tribe" and "political tribe" for those discussions. How about we create a "God, Guns and Politics" discussion topic to have those topics stay out of the general discussions?

I think that is a great idea Uwe. I guess this would be the discussions restricted section.

one could argue that id you wanna talk guns,God or politics your on the the wrong forum!?

Yeah I couldn't agree more Grant, but then we don't have the same gun laws as the US

Good call, Burty. I like bikes and babes anyway.

I stay clear of all three topics.

However, there have been occasions over the years when "discussions" on all three have taken place on this site. If members wish to do so then those topics, which invariably end up in some sort of controversy, should be separate from the open forum.

I agree after all it's a forum for motorcyclists

It's about motorcycles? Man, no wonder my posts made no sense.....

Yes Al
It's about the open road the smell of road kill the wind in your face and meeting others who love to ride as well . It's not about gangs ,guns , or how hard arse you are it's about collecting friends and in my case being lucky enoght to meet them not just here in OZ but my US Friends and of cause the Canadains .

Oh being pleasant to the police who sometimes pull me over and fine me for speeding lol

We share the same compassion, motorcycles and everything what has to do with it. For many of the regular contributors, this site means way more than that. That's why friendships started and grown ... all over the world.

Birth, anniversary, marriage, illness and death. Discussions, asking questions, sharing of knowledge, give and get support. Contests, serious and humorous topics, laughter and tears. For many of us it's about our lives, what we (partly) share on this site.

In my opinion it isn't bad at all to try Uwe's suggestion if that's a way to support the continuing story of this great site on a positive way, so we all can continue sharing what keeps us busy, our lives, starting with our compassion, motorcycles......


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