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Retiring the "Tribes" Feature

Just as we add new features from time to time we should also remove some unused featurs to simplify the site experience and simplify the maintenance on the site.
The "Tribes" feature hasn't been used much in the last little while. 
Is anyone opposed to removing it from the site?



As much as I believe in the 2nd amendment as mentioned I can go to a different forum to discuss it or PM a member versus an open touchy subject no need for a separate section

thanks, guys,
the tribe feature has been completely removed - please let me know if you still find any left overs anywhere ...
For now we have the "God, guns and politics" topic - if that doesn't work we can make another change

Thanks Uwe. You do good work.

Completly aprove of this change to the site thank you Uwe


I'm sure civilisation as we know it will not come to an end ... and life will go on!

Very true Peter.

I agree. CCC is the "Tribe"

C.C.C. is my tribe.


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