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Reverse lighting unit

I have 96 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 and want to know what the reverse lighting unit does



Reserve lighting system. The headllight doesn't come on when the ignition is turned on. It comes on when then the starter button is pushed and stays on until the ignition is turned off. The headlight will go out when restarting after stalling.

Thank you Edwins, but just found the right wireing diagram for the 96 1500 D1 Vulcan and it doesnt show a reverse lighting unit, but does show a wire going from the headlight relay in the junction box to the dimmer switch ,.
The problem is was out for a ride and the headlight went bright ,thought i accidentally turned on high so i fliped it high to low and now no lights (headlights)
Bulb is good , put in new fuse ,(old one was good )
and tested the connection for the head light and nothing . But it did work like it had a reverse lighting unit,. (Didnt come on until started) was thinking of doing the blue wire mod to make headlight come on when key is turned on to bypass the relay and that would tell me if its the relay . ( am i right)?

This will help you out.
Start with chapter 15, pages 4, 30 and 31.
If it was the reserve unit only, the light would be dim, not out.
However, I would would be more inclined to suspect the headlight relay or a bad diode.
The tests for the different parts are in Chapter 15.
Let us know what you find.

I was thinking the relay in the Junction Box but now I have to go and buy a multi meter my Wife was supposed to get one she got the wrong thing . Also According to the Haynes guide service manual the 1500 classic D1 doesn't have a reverse lighting unit on it so I was curious as to how The delete function would work since it doesn't have the reverse lighting unit it's you would think it should come on when you have when you turn the key on but it doesn't it comes on after it starts

Kawasaki published a supplemental manual for the 96-97 D1 models. OEM Part Number: 99924-1191-52. Not finding it online as a pdf.

Thank you but got it as straight as it will get , at least i think it is .
Running pretty good at the moment. But heres what i know has been done to the bike . 1500 classic D.
Has vance and hines pipes, dynaa2000 ignition module and a edelbrock quick siler carb which was not made for this bike ,edelbrrock doesnt make a carb for metric bikes very hard to get it set right, only runs great after i fill the gas tank but when it gets low runs terrible only on front cylinder.

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