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Revisit of June 2018 Ride In Arkansas

OK guys, it's getting closer to time so I thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who missed it.
June 25 to 28 some of us are meeting in Eureka Springs AR for a US CC ride. There are a group of hotels and camp grounds in the area at which to stay, some of us have reservations at the Country Mountain Inn which is reasonably priced and has a nice fire pit to sit around and BS at the end of the day. It is a beautiful area with many fantastic roads to explore.
I thought I would take those who wish to come on this ride Tuesday
and Randy came up with this ride for Wedsday if anyone wants to join
These 2 rides cover many of the most popular roads in the area.
Ofcourse everything is open for adaptaton and change. The main thing is to enjoy the company and the trip.
Edwin and others have posted some great links about the area. So check them out on the first 2018 cc ride posting I put up. Dont get lost following the conversation it went through some transformation along the way Smiley-laughing
I hope to see many of you there and look forward to being on the open road again,



Waiting with great anticipation for 18 June when I fly out of Sydney bound for Pasco WA to link up with Wayne. If my emojis were working there would be multiple smiley faces at this point !!!

Great reminder Valerie. Hopefully everyone will be able to make. It will be here before you know it

Thank you, Val. If anyone is a bit "iffy" and has concerns about the area, message me and I'll try to give you accurate information. If your wife is concerned about coming with you, I can give you links that will help change her mind. Art, shopping, theaters, music etc. not to mention the natural beauty of the area. How about a Paddle Wheel Steamboat dinner cruise with live entertainment?
Of course, if you're a bit stove up like me; and want to take it a bit easier there are many options. Maybe an excursion up to Branson and catch a show.
And if you think the area is just too rural, ROTFLMAO

Thanks for that Edwin. You know I just cant go anywhere that does not have a blow dryer
and a coffee maker

Eureka Springs is on Hwy 23. If you head south on 23 from the Springs, it'll look like this. Note: see if you can spot the "Crooked and Steep" road sign and the 10 mph curve.

Yahooooooo... Love it

That looks magnificent !!!!

Beautiful looking roads, I'm now getting a bit envious of you guys...I better jump on my bike and do some serious riding in the next couple of weeks just to get over it....

That looks like a fun road. I could do a little scrappin on it. I think anything we ride on will be great fun. It will be three days of riding and fellowship. Just a little Whiskey and BEER

You are so right Scruffy

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