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Ride The Ozarks Rally-2017

I got a nice invite postcard in the mail.Can't promise anything but it would be nice.

Acloser to home.



That September ride looks interesting.

Yeah, It's a good time for it. The kids are back in school, the tourists crowds have died down and everything is still open

That's why we always book our holidays just before or after the "free from school period" Edwin!

I just checked the long range weather forecast for the next eight weeks. I'll be in the garage next week finding my tools, cleaning things up and getting the bikes up again. Patt wants to go riding. Happy wife, happy life. Hoping for my best summer in years. The Doc's said I've lost 51 lbs, cholesterol at it's best in 20 years, blood pressure of a healthy teenager. Still have a long way to go but that first step was a b---ch.Getting the atrophied muscles rebuilt is gonna be another rough road. Press On Regardless!

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