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Riding in Grand Cayman

I've been offered a move for my job to Grand Cayman but I can't find anything about motorcycle restrictions there.  Does anyone live or have lived on the island that rides?  Looking for some insight as to if my exhaust is going to be an issue.  Specifically are there exhaust rules for sound being over a certain decibel?  My Trask exhaust is fairly aggressive but I haven't been stopped in California yet.  I've visited the island and only recall seeing scooters and just one cruiser, very nice folks to talk to.  At the time I wasn't aware of needing to move there so I didn't think to ask about the local restrictions if any, hindsight is 20/20 Smiley-laughing

Any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated!  I see they have a rider's association but I haven't heard back from them yet Smiley-cry

Safe riding!





Talked with their motor vehicles department and they don't have a specific decibel level. Their law just requires that it be at an acceptable level (vague) and the engine must have a silencer. Silencer = exhaust system. The silencer can't be modified which is no big deal as long as you're not drilling holes in for a cheap exhaust mod. Looks like I'm good to go.

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