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Road trip

Hey y’all, I am in a 6 foot 240 pound rider and just bought my first bike. It’s a 2007 Yamaha Vstar classic Silverado and only had 4000 miles on it when I bought it. It now has 4500. My question is will this bike endure a 10 to 12 Hour Rd. trip from Abilene Texas to Baton Rouge Louisiana. I am just wondering because it’s an air cooled engine. Thank you in advance for your reply’s and taking the time. James.




Of course it will!! Make sure your fluids are good, all lights and signals in working order, battery good, rubber good and a full gas tank and she will take you where ever you ask her to.

Thanks for the info Vsnetzinger. I was worried about her overheating on such a long ride with an air cooled engine. I’m a first time owner so I have quite a lot to learn about bikes.

Well if it puts your mind to ease I ride a 883 sportster (air cooled). I have ridden 700mi days in triple digit temps at 80+ mph and have had no problem. The only time you need to worry is when your sitting in traffic when you dont have any air flow. So keep the bike moving and you'll be good

Open, download, save and read.
Pay particular attention to the section on oil type. DO NOT use regular automotive oil as they contain friction inhibitors which do not play well the wet clutch in your bike.

Until fairly recent years all Harleys were air cooled and their big baggers had no problem touring big distances. The one thing I would watch out for is increased oil consumption when you’ve got a combination of hot weather and prolonged high speed, long distance riding.

Good point Peter. When its hot and i'm running hard I will use some oil over a 700 mi day. Just carry a quart of oil with you and your good. Be sure to check it hot. dont let it cool off or you'll over fill it

That bike should go as far as you like with no issues. Keep oil and gas in it and have a gerat time riding. Double check the tires make sure you have good ones with lots of tread. It really sucks to have run out of tire before you get to where you want to go. Been there done that one... Ride safe and have a good ride.

Thanks y’all, the first thing I did when I bought the bike was invest in new tires and tubes. I changed the oil and filter and used the recommended oil from the owners manual. The guy I bought her from had punched out the exhaust pipe baffles to make her louder and I think it has affected the carb tuning. I get a lot of backfire when I roll off the throttle and at times she’s really cold natured on start up. I’m kinda afraid to mess with the carbs for fear of making it worse but then again, I don’t really have thecash to have a pro do it for me.

Just removing the baffles and doing nothing else will upset the fuel/air ratio ... which causes the popping on deceleration. I get confused as to whether it makes the fuel/air mixture too rich or too lean but either way it’s not a good thing to let it run like that for an extended period. The cheapest way around this would be to find a way to reinstall the baffles ... maybe get some from a wrecker. If you want to go in the other direction and keep the open pipes, then you will need to install a more open flow air filter and rejet the carby if it’s a carbureted engine or instal a fuel management module if it’s a fuel injected engine.

The Yamaha ECU will relearn after a little bit and fatten up the mixture. Not much but a bit. What you are hearing is the lean pop when deceleration. It really is not a big deal just noisy. It is the fresh air entering in the exhaust pipe and igniting the fuel. I did the same thing to my Strat and I kind of like the blue flames and pop that come out the back at night but I'm sort of weard... If it really bugs you you'll need to get the baffles put in or just get the stock pipes from ebay or off one of the 650 V Star sites. Have fun riding

James60 ... what Scruffy said ... he knows all about this stuff. He says he’s weird ... the rest of us say he’s a guru !

HI Vardy... How is every thing down there? It's getting dang COLD here 20 F to day and maybe almost 40F later Sunday. It was 70 + F two days ago. Be safe on your rides..MY bikes are put up untill it gets a little warmer.

It is warming up Wayne ... although we have had an uncharacteristic cold snap. Not much riding though ... seems as though too much other ‘busy-ness’ getting in the way.

88,000 is a long ride. Would be fun.

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