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Rough Idle

Hey Guys,I got this 2003 Intruder 1500 from a guy, it started when I got it but not running well. after learning it was sitting for a bit i drained the gas, got the carbs serviced by G-Man and changed the fuel filter that I purchased from G-Man. After the carbs came back the bike runs, and i can throttle it without it stalling. At this point I don't know what the yahoo did to the bike before I got it, The bike wants to Idle rough and erratic (I think) the RPM will fluctuate and I get an occasional pop out of the exhaust (at idle, without revving). do you think the throttle position sensor is causing the rough idle or fluctuation of RPM's? Sorry for the long story.

Oh and I changed the spark plugs, used OEM plugs.




Click on Show More to see the codes. Other makes let you read them without using a reader or jumper. I guess Suzuki wanted people to give their money to the dealers.

If it pops out the exhaust you may need to replace the gaskets at the headers.You may have a vacuum leak between the carbs and intake manifolds.

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