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Sabre 1100 vibration through handlebars

I'm new to Big V-Twin motorcycles. I have an 04 Sabre 1100. As I accelerate under a little bit of added load I feel a vibration through my handlebars. It almost feels as if it is pulsating with the exhaust? I've done a lot of reading and people say this is somewhat normal on big V twins? If I accelerate smoothly and take the RPMs up rather High it seems to accelerate more smooth. If I for lack of better words lug the engine a little bit and then try to accelerate hard you really feel it? I'm not talking about really lugging the engine down just short shifting a little. This bike seems like it likes to rev up. I have a Suzuki Boulevard C50, it's an 800cc much smaller than the 1100 and I don't feel it the same. So this is my only comparison to a big V-Twin. Just let me know what you guys think who have the same or similar motorcycles.




I'm not a Sabre owner but all bikes have some vibration. If it seems obsessive look for obvious like loose engine mounts, loose riser bolts etc. One often overlooked cause is wheel truing and alignment. Yes, lugging makes the bike shake.


Curious if your handlebars are stock. If not, they could be lighter than the OEM handlebars which would transfer more engine vibration to your hands.

My wife's '03 VT1100C Shadow (which has the same engine as the Sabre) has weights in the handlebars to minimize vibrations. I don't think the Sabre's handlebars have weights due to the whole front end assembly being heavier than the Shadow's. (The VT1100C engine does vibrate a bit, but not to the point of being annoying.)

There are aftermarket handlebar weights available. Also, aftermarket grips like the Kuryakan ISO grips have the option to add weights onto the ends.

Thanks, as far as I know they are stock. My C50 does have weights! May be a good idea to add that, never thought about that.

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