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A Sad Day

For members who aren't on facebook.

This is what Uwe posted earlier.

With great sadness I’ll have to announce that Competition Accessories (who acquired Cruiser Customizing last year) decided to abruptly close our California office last week and eliminate almost all positions in that location including my own.
It’s been a great ride for the past 15 years when we started CC and saw it grow with the help of an awesome team that was committed to turn the company into the best place for riders to shop for parts and accessories for their motorcycles. We also had a large online community with members all over the world and formed lots of friendships and that extended beyond our shared passion for riding and customizing.
I’m grateful for the support from fellow employees, business partners, customers and members over the past 15 years and to be part of such an awesome group of people.
Together we went through lots of ups and downs, both business and personal and learned a lot.
Thank you all.
My old email is no longer functioning, please send me a message if you like to get my new personal email address.




A very sad day indeed.
I wonder what will become of CC and CCC in the future?

I'm totally stunned, but will always be greatful for all the wonderful friends I have made through CCC

Sooner or later it had to happen... I feel sorry for those who work at CC and get this news.

OMG... There are some of you I've skype with, some of you I've personal addresses, but it'll change a lot... How to keep in contact with many of you I really liked to have contact with. I'll mis CC a lot, that's for sure!!! The fun we had, the video's, the personal messages with lots of people, spread all over the world... the friendship with a lot of you and very special bond with some of you... some days it was only a few minutes, but sometimes it was coffee and smoke time to see some pics or vids or to watch and make some comments... HMMM.... Facebook... not my favorite, but maybe there is no other way. I don't like FB because the whole freeking world is watching you. No vids and not many pics from me on FB, that's for sure, or does anybody know another place we could meet eachother and keep in touch?

I agree Matt, thanks for the years and thanks for the friendships, but at the moment, I'm totally stunned!

Mr. Potter from Bedford Falls strikes again. They may buy the company but its a mistake to close the site. I guess I'm going to have to turn on skype or something.

WTF....Im in shock

In response to a comment I made on facebook. Uwe felt sure that the new owners would continue operating the site.

It's a pity nobody from "management" has bothered to make any sort of comment on this site ... left to Randy and Terry to bring it to our attention.

I was exactly thinking the same Peter, I fully agree! Never the less, I hope the last comment Terry made is right and there will be a possiblity to continue this community with the new owner...

So, I went to their site, went to the customer contact page and politely asked them. Waiting for a reply. We'll see if they respond. Yes, it hurts like hell to have them bronzed but somebody has to do it. You may all laugh now.

Looking forward to their response Edwin.

Good idea Edwin

We wait with bated breath !!

Well that just sucks big time !!!!!!!!
What is the world of business coming to , don't give a rats arse about the workers and the years put in . My thoughts and hopes go out to all the employees that at this time of year are out of a job . Keep your heads up and stay happy and I hope you all find jobs very soon . Thank you all for all the help and service you all have provided over the few years I've been a member . As some have said , I've found and made some great new mates on this site and I hope they will see the value in keeping this great site running .
Thanks for the heads up tezza .

Wow I have only been here a short time I am sad to see this happening and to hear that they let go of all them employees at CC shame on Competition Accessories and the new owners they should at least offer them employment with in their company for Pete's sake my heart goes out to all who are effected by this I am so sorry. I figured something was up when all the product on my wish list suddenly became discontinued and now they are having a 90% OFF clearance sale on everything online.I would like to keep in touch what is the fb page to go to

Dont think they will shut this part as they will lose too many customers. It will probably continue to flow along. Obviously they will be looking to cut costs hence Livermore shutdown. Anyhow we can still operate from FB even if it is necessary to start a new page. can still run vids and pics and events and keep our freinds LG

Dennis, I doubt they will shut this down, but it just won't get any support to fix anything if things go wrong with it.

Hey guys,

Sorry no one from management has responded to address these changes lately. A majority of our staff was let go in this transition. However, there is some good news. Robin (AllSmilez1987), Mark (cruisermark), and myself were fortunate enough to stay on while the remainder of our colleagues are no longer with the company.

There were some abrupt changes that we have made in the past few weeks. Those of us that are left and adjusting to these changes as well. However, as far as we know CCC will remain online. Should there be any changes that would impact our community page myself or Robin will be sure to provide further details.

We are saddened by the events that have taken place and want to thank all of our loyal customers and community members for their continued support.

In case you may have any questions you can message me directly. I will do my best to respond to those who message as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the heads up Hussle. It's sad to know that people lost their jobs during these changes but I'm happy that you guys are still here.
At least we now have a communication point where we can be kept up to date with the operations at CC.

Thanks for the response Hussle.

Is there any way someone could get a contact at Pantheon in case of problems with the site?

Thanks Hussle ... any information is helpful to help diminish speculation and uncertainty. Glad some of you survived the transition.

Thanks for the feedback. At this time who is Web Master for the site?

I've been on the other thread keeping up with this subject, or trying to, lol. Thanks for the info Banana Monster.

Thanks BM !
I really hope the CC will remain !
I am sorry for you guys loosing you jobs!
Hope you will find new jobs you can enjoy !
Best wishes and thanks for your very Nice service!
I Will Miss !

Very cool news Hussle. Very sorry for you people that lost your jobs.

Cheers Hussle.
So are you guys still operating out of the California office?
Loosing all that staff, very sad. How will this affect parts sales and shipping?

Myself and the remaining 2 other staff members are working from home. At this time international shipping has unfortunately been suspended. We will continue to ship within the US and Canada. Pricing on the web page should remain consistent with what it had been. However, the running of new promotions may be limited.

Cheers mate.
Sad that we have no international shipping. A new bike in the stable and customising is imminent.
I guess a lot of uncertainty over there at the moment.

Too Bad !
I am glad I got my HiWay pegs from you before the shit came down !

Wow ... no more international shipping! That's a retrograde move. I guess I'd better create accounts with Revzilla and J & P Cycles.

It's a pity these developments are being made known in dribs and drabs and that no single, all encompassing statement has been made by the new management team. Not a nice way to treat hundreds of faithful, long time customers around the world.

Yeah, it is a Shame Peter !
No Soul !

True Pete!
So, Hussle? Does this mean that all international gift certificates are cancelled?

Did you say "New Bike"?

I have noticed that the email specials stopped at the end of November.
Was this when the changes took place?

Competition Accessories has a Facebook page ... perhaps we should go there to ask them questions because they aren't talking to us through this site ...

Exactly right Peter! All of us need to voice our concerns to them directly! If enough of us send them something, even a one liner, sooner or later they'll get the message! Especially the international shipping!

I found this when looking for info on Competition Accessories.

Competition Accessories Acquires Cruiser Customizing
August 24, 2015

Clarksville, Indiana -- Competition Accessories LLC ( announced the acquisition of Cruiser Customizing, the premier online retailer of metric cruiser aftermarket parts and accessories effective as of 8-01-15. Cruiser Customizing is expected to operate as a separate division retaining its headquarters in Livermore, California and the distribution center in Lavergne, Tennessee for the foreseeable future. Competition Accessories LLC was formed in late 2014 with the merger of and, one of the largest online sellers of genuine OEM parts.

Cruiser Customizing founder Uwe Druckenmueller commented, “This is an exciting event that we expect will contribute to the ongoing growth we have enjoyed here at Cruiser. The financial strength of the new organization allows us to spend less time with the bankers and more time focusing on our customers’ with new products and programs. We are especially looking forward to adding Sliders® Jeans with Kevlar®, Shadow Distributing® and Aeromoto® products as soon as possible.”

Chris McCarty, President and CEO of Competition Accessories LLC, shared these thoughts.” We are excited to have the folks at Cruiser Customizing join us. Their skills in online marketing and social media will be beneficial to all our brands. Uwe will continue to run the Cruiser division, but will take on the added role of Chief Technology Officer for all three companies. I am looking forward to getting all of our key people together as soon as possible to share insights, plan synergies and discover what best practices can be shared that will enable us to serve all our customers better as we go forward,”

Competition Accessories® has been selling direct for over 50 years and is a well-known online retailer of aftermarket helmets and riding apparel.

Cheap Cycle Parts® was founded in 2006 and offers a huge selection of parts direct, including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Victory, KTM and Indian OEM parts.

Cruiser Customizing® was founded in 2001 and is the leader in metric cruiser accessories online. It’s Mototribe® online community reaches members around the globe steeped in the cruiser lifestyle.

Now, I have searched the cc site and can't find anything like an announcement about this acquisition so I can't understand why Uwe or Kyle didn't make an announcement about this last year.
Along with a lot of ccc members I am disappointed in the whole affair.

Here is the link....

Interesting that the global online community was referenced in this announcement as a highlight of what CC brought to the new organisation. It doesn't look like they value it all that much now ... to the extent that they won't sell to us !!

From the start I had a wait and see approach.Now the sense is smell, a bad smell.

Hmmm !
So... do we just let it go ?

Until we receive an official document stating any changes to the cc community I will continue on as usual.
Therefore the video contest will continue until I'm told to stop it. I think we continue on as before. We've been doing it since August last year.

I just checked Competition Accessories website to place a dummy order to see if they ship to Australia and it looks like they don't. I then sent an inquiry to confirm if they do ship to Australia so I will have to wait for a reply.
If they want an Australian or other country market share then I can't imagine them shutting down CC.
Let's see what happens.

All very strange!

As far as the CCC site goes, all the moderators are happy to continue in their present roles.

I agree with you Terry ... let's see how this plays out before we take another course

A sad day for Aussies who want to buy from CC after all the support that has been shown over the years and we just got dumped... Not really much point building up their forum if we cant access products so will have to look for a new site.

Last week, I called the Australian CC phone # just to see what happened.
It transferred to the US (as it always did) and I spoke to Josh.(?) I asked why the shipping was only US wide now and was told that there was a lot of fraud and they had to stop it temporarily. So I dropped the bomb and asked if it had anything to do with CC Livermore closing I cant remember where he said he was but it was not CA or TN. Because he had no real answers to my further questions, the conversation ended there.
Frank bought a VTX on the weekend and we will no doubt be throwing a lot of money at it. Since CC has a clearance sale, there are probably bargains to be had, but we cant get it shipped. I may try and find someone on the east coast US to help us but with all the uncertainty it will be a bit risky.

Steve ... there are companies in the US set up specifically for this sort of thing . You set up an account with them ... you get your US purchases shipped to their US address and they then transship to Australia or anywhere else. As most US companies ship free within the US the transshipment arrangement works out at pretty much the same cost or less. I just can't remember the generic name of these transshipment companies to assist with a Google search.

Sounds promising Vardy.
I also checked out Competition Accessories & they don't seem to carry anything of Indian Motorcycles.

As I mentioned previously, I tried to place a dummy order with Competition Accessories and found that they do not ship to Australia. (Still waiting for confirmation}
That dummy order has become a real order because it is a replacement Kuryakyn ISO Pegs Dually Without Adapters because I lost one on the first day of WH7. Nobby lent me his LH side peg for the trip.
I tried to place an order with CC and find that it is discontinued.
So I Googled the item and decided on Amazon. so I placed an order but was told that shipping to my address was a problem but I was given a list of alternative suppliers which I downloaded. I haven't checked any of them and I'm assuming they ship to Australia. Here is a link to that list ......


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