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Covernments daily update information about salt on the roads...

I mentioned it a few times before. Here in the Netherlands the covernment puts salt on the roads when it can be slippery because of the weather. When it snows, but also when the roads can be wet and we have temps below or around zero. The salt damages the bike, so when they start with the salt the riding season is over. At least it was for me, because I don't want the salt damages my bike, specially the chroom, and it does!!! That's why I bought my second bike, a so called "winterfiets or zoutfiets" winter- or saltbike. 

The covenrment started now with this internet site to give some information about where they use salt on the roads for the last six hours. I think that's good information. For a bike, 6 hours doesn't help. To ride again you need at leest a few weeks after they put salt on the roads for the last time and a few days of rain, so the roads are cleaned by cars in combination with the water from the rain. But still.... I think it can be helpful information, because it also tells where it can be slippery on the roads and you have to give some extra attention....

Here is the special link to show you:



Thats so cute all the dots are little salt trucks Smiley-laughing

So when the truck drives by just put your supper by the curb and you won't ever need to buy salt to put on your food. On 2nd thought, that would probably be way too much.

It's good that the government provides the information as long as it is accurate.
I was wondering if you do ride on salt laden roads, can you hose your bike down or is the hose frozen?

I'll use little Red Terry. For sure not the Star! But the Honda I specially bought to be able to ride during winter. Sure the salt will damage the Honda, but.... I'll accept that in a way....

The salt helps to keep the roads free from Ice. Sure when it snows and when it's a combination af rain and temps below zero it doesn't help enough and I'll not use any bike because it's really dangerous to go for a ride at those moments! I'll try to show you, later in the season what the salt does to the roads. It's not all covered by salt, I mean you do see the road but you can see a change of color of the roads. Not a black or dark grey as usual. It needs a few weeks after the spread it for the last time, most helpful if it's raining a few times, so the combination of driving cars and the rain will clean the roads....

Is that an answer to your question Terry?

Yes mate.

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