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Scottish Flag

I'm sorry to sound like a rebel but why is there no mention of Scotland in your list of countries. Also a Scottish flag option might go down well as well. Just a thought. Smile



A Scottish flag would be nice.

I second that!!

Why not!?

I can appreciate that Lesley,as a Scottish descendant and a proud Aussie, to fly our flag of origin is right to be hold.

I don't think that has to be very difficult is it? When somebody from the CCC crew read this "discussion"? I'm curious if it's possible to answer this Scottish Flag question with a YES?!

You're right Gert. This might be the only YES that Scotland will ever see LOL!!!

Another Scot here too Les..:)

I will try to instigate something, if I can. Still waiting on the Canadian effort. At least it'll give me something to do. LOL

Well then, I want a West Australian flag.

Hey Lesley. This could be your profile flag.  photo 220px-Union_Jack_1606_Scotland_svg.jpg

sorry guys, that's not an easy change. The flags are based on the list of countries which is maintained by the platform we are using (Drupal).

Better NO as an answer, as NO answer..........

Yep I agree.

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