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Scruffy (Wayne)

Happy Birthday Wayne. Don't think I'll ever forget your day. It the same as my sister




Happy birthday mate !!

Best wishes Wayne !

Hope you get to ride on your Birthday. It's the first day of Sping! Congrats!

Happy birthday my old friend!!!

OMG Wayne got older???!!! WOW we gotta stop doing that kind of stuff. Life is just starting to be fun

Woo Whoooo

Happy birthday big fella. Now go and have a drink. Bugger it. Have two!!!!!!

I had three and they were FREE. I hit the big 66 and now, I was told I can work all I want with no penalties. WHAT !!! Work is the penalty, I thought. Thanks everyone I have had a great DAY.. Phill I just finished 2 more 10:57 pm

I worry about your ability to swallow. A speech therapist can help fix that. I'll bring one with me. She can help you drink faster!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the mean time, just practice until I get there!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll start in the morning #1: open bottle #2: get short glass #3: Pour into glass #4: add ice #5 a little mountian DEW. #6 mix #7 swallow #8 Repeat and repeat again until reaching perfection How's that for training schedule ? I like to taste my booze a little bit. !st day of training starts tomorrow. Randy will be my witness

I will expect some serious training notes.!!!!!!!

Good work Scruff....just had a few nice Wild Turkey's myself....yum yum

I managed to get three or four training sessions in today. While wiring up Randy's Rebel.

Phil wait til I post a pic of Wayne's alcohol tree.

Now that i want to see!!!!!!!!!!!

In a day or two Phil, I'll get more pics posted when I have a day off.

Phill it is a thing of beauty. Just take a spin and wherever it stops that will be the drink of the day.

Happy belated birtday Scruffy. Hope you had a great day.

He was still celebrating his birthday when I got up there several days later.

Another year of fun and frolic.Try to get another 10k or more on the new Strat. It is a two week celebration of living this long. I should have been dead long ago. I pulled some real stunts in my day. THANKS EVERYONE..

Goodonya mate!! Keep living life to the max!

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