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     Hi guy's its been a while since I posted any thing in here.
     As many of you already know I've recover from my bike accident and while I thought I was all heeled up I have discovered recently that I can't get my foot to the rear break pedal like I used to before the accident. after discussing the issue with my doctor and going through more testing it was discovered that my right hip had some nerve damage that the doctor didn't think would be a problem. (Freakin quack. hahaha) His advice was if I want ot continue to ride to look at one of the automatic bikes. because most of them have every thing mounted on the handle bars.
     SO!, The search for my next bike is on.
Any suggestions are more than welcome. (Just remember I don't ride cafe style bikes.) I know my opitions are limited to a few models and I was tough anything over 500 cc is a legal motorcyle.However I'm looking for comfort , stoarage space, feul economy, relyablity. At the present time I'm thinking the Suzuki Burgman Executive 650 is going to be my best bet overall. It seems to offer a good balance of everything I need in my next bike anda few other little known features that most people don't pay attention to as well.



I know someone that has this he's an amputee and so they put these on his bike and they're fantastic he loves them

the new goldwing is an auto

Steven Dearnley, co founder of the Ulysses Club in Australia traveled around Australia in his late 70's on a Suzuki Burgman.

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