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Seat height

I recently bought a 2000 Honda vlx 600 as my first bike. The previous owner was a female that is much shorter than I am. She had the bike lowered. I am 5'11" so the bike is a bit too low for me to be comfortable. Does anyone have suggestions that aren't too costly?



Did you ask her how she had it lowered? Might be able to reverse the process. If she used a kit, see if you can get the brand name. This will let you find the instructions on line and see what needs to be replaced with stock parts. If you can't find out, a good photo of the rear linkage would help.

Ok, I'll try that. Thank you

You're welcome. Let us know what you find.

I cut the foam out of my seat and now I sit in the bike rather than on the bike. I've been thinking of adding some kind of seat riser to get me back on top of it. Seat is comfy now but sits me too low. My legs don't like it. They have lowering kit, maybe she used one.

You may want to try to adjust the spring height. The previous owner may have adjusted the spring way down. Backed off the spring adjuster. You will need the spanner wrench which should be in the tool kit. The nut is at the front of the spring should be easy to turn. There is a specific setting you can find in a service manual. But crank it back up and see how it fits.

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