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Self cancelling turn signals.


Got them on my Stratoliner. They are great. I never have to ride down the street with the turn signal running for miles and miles. Like some guys I know. The guy behind me is not all pissed off waiting for me to turn at some point.

Thanks for the link Edwin ... I like that unit ... might have to get me one!

Thanks for the link Edwin. Jan Dirk's Goldwing has this kind of indicators on his Goldwing and it would be good for me to have it, because I sometimes forget to switch them off.... I know it's not good and safe but it simply happens and this would help a lot!

Nice. I don't understand why all vehicles Bikes and Cars dont come with these

One of the habits that I have gotten into is to just hit the button to cancel the signals every time I use them. It is automatic for me. My V-Star has self-canceling signals from the factory but I refuse to make use of that function. According to manual, they are programmed so the signals will cancel after 150 meters or 490 feet of travel. To be honest, I am just not comfortable traveling that far with the signal flashing when I no longer need it to be. If I signal to change lanes, make the lane change, I don’t need to keep that signal on and possibly have a cager at a cross-street misinterpret and think I’m turning all because I’m waiting for it to cancel itself. I’m canceling that signal as soon as I have made a lane change or turn!

Now, granted, the unit listed in this post is a horse of different color and supposedly cancels quicker. That is great, but I just don’t like becoming dependent on automation. It can lead one to become complacent and stop using that gray matter between their ears. When we come to rely on technology, whether it be 777 autothrottles (think Asiana flight 214), blind-spot warning systems and back-up warnings on cars, we become complacent and can put ourselves in a vulnerable situation should a component not operate as intended. The more gadgets we have to rely on, the more opportunities exist to pay less attention to what we are doing.

If you make the conscious decision to do something and do it consistently, it will become habit. I once noticed that I signal for lane changes even when there is no other traffic around. I never really gave it any thought, but I always used my signals and it became habit no matter who is or is not around. The other advantage to developing good habits (whether it be riding, driving, flying, etc.) is that in an emergency situation, you will automatically revert to the habits that you have developed over time. As long as my brain still works, I’m willing to depend on it rather than automation. If I get to the point where I start forgetting everything, it will be time to “hang up my spurs.”

Not to give away my age but I had to learn hand signals for left, right and stop.

Not to give away my age, but I too learned and STILL use hands signals when on the bike to this very day. Funny thing - one day I was stopping and had my left hand out to signal and a fellow came around up next to me, rolled down his window at the light and inquired what I was doing. I explained and he thought it was pretty neat but said had never learned about it. I thanked him (genuinely) for being observant and noticing what I was doing and for keep safe distance behind me. Once in a while I actually come across someone who is paying attention!

So the old joke goes "Why did they pass a law in Kansas to put the high beam switch back on the floor? Because all the Kansans were getting their feet stuck in the steering wheel."

If the use of technology helps keep me functioning and active ... in all human endeavours, not just motorcycling ... then my take-up of technology will continue apace. That said, it is actually motorcycling that keeps me mentally alert and physically fit ... especially my love of long distance / endurance riding.

Next up, OLEDs (Organic LEDs) and LEPs (light-emitting polymers)

Have always just automatically turned them off after use. Habit from the early days (although it was hand signals on my old BSA) . Confuses me sometimes though as the Oldwing has self cancelling ones. Glad I don't have my old BMW K100 anymore...... There were too many buttons for the indicators on it. Lol

My vstar 1100 has self canceling turn signals. I discovered that last year riding around. I usually canceled them myself manually as a habit, but then I purposely left them on. They stop signaling after a few seconds, like about 10.

I discovered the self cancelling turn signals on my V Star 1100 last summer - too lazy to look it up to check the duration as I always cancel them myself at the completion of a turn/lane change - I did try to time them and kept getting different readings... its now good to know that its distance and not time to self cancel (150 meters or 490 feet). I'll just keep doing as I do, as drivers up here are so impatient and I don't need some guy driving too close thinking I'm going to make another lane change

Mine flash 20 times them turn off

I have self canceling signals on the Stratoliner and you can set them 5-15 sec. The Indian just cancels after about 10 Sec. I don't let the self canceling operate. When I use turn signals I turn them off as soon as I get around the corner. I don't drive around for 4-5 miles with the signals flashing. I could never figure out why some one would leave the signals on. You turned them on just a few seconds ago. Turn them off how hard can that be..

I’m with you Wayne. Valk is manual, Oldwing are auto. I turn them off manually as soon as I turn.

Hi guys

If you would like to have turn signals cancelled, use smart turn system

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