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The Sexual Activity of Senior Males

Golfers - note

The frequency of sexual activity of senior males depends on where they were born.
Statistics just released from Statistics Canada and The United Nations B.O.H. Team, revealing that:
North American, Australian, New Zealanders and British men between 60 and80 years of age, will on average, have sex two to three times per week, (and a small number a lot more), whereas Japanese men, in exactly the same age group, will have sex only once or twice per year if they are lucky.

This has come as very upsetting news to a lot of us at the golf club, as none of us had any idea that we were Japanese.





I'm soo glad nobody talked about the Dutch seniors!

LOL That's just so bad.....

Funny shit, Tezza. But true, lol

Where do YOU find this stuff. I'm glad,,NOW I know I'm Japanese..Who New

I got a shock when I found out. That's why I had to share it. Smiley-wink

Val its not bad its SAD.....very very sad....sayonara

Hai watashi wa dōi suru

So we still have a chance Tezza were not 80 YET. Look at the bright side, riding is better than sex because you get on and ride a lot longer.

Good point Ray.

Ray....thanks mate....LOL

I really couldn't say. My Uncle Spike says he has sex a lot and he's 80. He said he even had it with my mother. So as you suspect I was bothered by that statement. He was on my list, and you really don't want to be on my list. But what I found out later, is what he calls sex is actually Senior Sex. It is a modification of da real thing. He tells me that when your over 50 sex is a hard thing to do because no one younger will do it with old folks and old folks parts aren't working like they used to, and that it is very hard to find someone that old that looks like, well, "hot!" So he just pinches old women on the bum and calls it sex...Senior Sex. And I've seen him do it to my other old folks. Funny that after it, he explains that that is "Senior Sex." The older woman seem to smile and fake a smile giggle. And he gets away with it. I don't ever see him anymore. I think he might of been on someones list, because he's dead now.

You know your over the hill when the best you get is to pass each other in the hall and say Fxxx You at each other.

Cap ... we call that "hallway sex".

Yep !!

I'm sorry what's SEX......

Spratty, sounds like something that's in the hallway, lol

He might not get that much....Sad.

Spratty. What's happened to you mate?

not enough.

I overheard two women talking the other day. One asked the other "What do you do with your bum (ass) before sex?" The second replied "I drop him at the golf club" one then.....

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