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Shadow 1100

I have a 02 shadow 1100 and I would like to make it somewhat of a strecth tail bagger. My question is do 1100 saber rear bolt up . Or where can I find bagger kits that mount up the easiest 




Try Sumax, Bagger Bags, Arlen Ness and there are more. Not exactly sure what you mean by the Sabre rear?
I love pictures.

Sorry I meant say that I have an aero. I was curious if they the same or similar . I haven’t found much for an aero but I have seen a few things for the saber trim. I can post pics later

Honda likes to use model specific part numbers for the same assembley on different models.

FRAME *NH1* (BLACK) 50100-MBC-750ZA

But, if you check the list; most all the the numbers are the same.
Take a look and see what I mean. I would say the same with minor differences but quite able to swap parts.

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