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shift display going haywire

2013 C90T experiencing some 'missing' during shifting. Installed new plugs and air filter. when shifting into First the display reads "2". when going to second display reads 3 then 4 then 3. mechanics suggested that it could be the sensor that feeds the ECU. going to have it looked at and changed out most likely. just have this gut feeling that the sensor (if bad) might be causing 'confusion' with the operation and causing the 'missing'. any thoughts from folks much smarter than me on this issue. arghhhhhhh



If the sensor is defective, it will send the wrong signal. The ECU will try to translate the signal and process it to send the results to the display. There is the possibility that the display circuit itself is faulty but I would lean towards the sensor being the problem.

If the sensor has too much iron build up on the tip it will give a false reading. I have cleaned them and they start working correctly.

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