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Shipping to Australia

Just a question. Why is it that when I order something it always comes to Aus via Germany?  I ordered some hiway pegs on the 9th May. Just checked the tracking  today 25th May and they are currently in Frankfurt Germany. Is this normal?  I know other members have got their orders over here in as little as a week and a half. I don't think I've ever got any of mine for at least 6 weeks. Sometimes longer. It's not really a huge problem as long as I get them,but I'm an impatient bugger and I want to fit them LOL 



Tony that does seem an unusually long time to get your order and as far as going via Germany maybe Uwe can answer that one. I thought Qld was bad used to take about 3 weeks but now I find only takes 2.

Frustrating it is, you just want it I know the feeling...

Just got my order. 14 days. A little delay due to one item coming from elsewhere. If the parts for the Valk got here as quick, it would've been back on the road now.

Tony did you put your address as AUSTRALIA, not AUSTRIA ! Smiley-wink

If you listen carefully, the ad video says "I'll be back" (via Europe) just wanted to see the Eurovision song competition.....

LOL. Yes definitely Australia. This has happend before. I remember the last order I made had come via Germany too.

Yep. I have had them come via Germany too. Not sure where my recent one went to, but it arrived here ok.

Same here Tony ... couple of orders via Hamburg ... and it took the better part of six weeks on each occasion.

I once had a set of handlebars go from Texas to Florida, to Canada to "somewhere" and then to Oz.
And then a 2nd set of handlebars turned up which I had to pay to send back. Smiley-laughing

Never more than 14 days for me ......but I am a personal friend of the big guy

Which big guy .... God ?

NO ....his Tallness Uwe

Lol. Mark're taking Phil's pills again aren't you?

I had the same...... Was very strange..... It arrived at Rotterdam harbor (holland), went to Germany, and took another week before it arrived at my place back in Holland...... No problem for me, they said it would take about 3 till 4 weeks and it arrived in 4 weeks....... But it is strange!

Did it got to Oktoberfest Gert?

I think so...... Would be nice! A oktober fest beer!!!!

Did the beer make the chrome rust?

Not yet...... But I didn't see my bike for a week now!

I haven't seen any of mine for 6 weeks.......

My parts have been on traveling since the 12th of May tracking hasn't moved since the 14th.

I couldn't access tracking info until 3 days prior to receiving the order.

My recent purchases for other USA part suppliers.
I could track daily & arrived between 8-10 days.

I also realise that when posted items are sent in or out of a country there is limited space & weight .

Was that ...."and wait?". I hate waiting.

My delivery arrived today.
Which is approximately 17 days.
I think that good considering there was public holidays involved.
Once again Im a happy customer.

Still waiting.

Guess what!!!!!!! No it hasn't turned up yet. I got an email from DHL yesterday saying that parcel was at delivery destination. ??????? An hour later i got another email saying " Parcel Missent" It's gone to the wrong place . Hopefully it gets here soon.

What the hell am I going to do with parts for an F6B? Has anyone ordered parts for one of these armchairs? Smiley-wink

They came to my place first Beachy. I tried to fit them to my Honda but quality wasn't good enough ... they were for a lesser model !

Sorry Tony thats bad mate ,I found it at DHL the other night so I re-addressed to you but you know my spelling isn't that good .

So by the time it gets to TWS it will be 4th hand and will probably only fit a postie bike!

Don't make those posty bikes too comfy Beachy, otherwise they deliver nothing on time anymore! LOL

Beachy....all the mods Tony doesn't need will have been done to the parts by tge time he gets them.

Gert they don't deliver on time now so nothing will change

Hey Tony. I ordered Highway pegs myself on 21st May and received them today. 15 days total. But I didn't put via Germany on my postal address. Smiley-wink

26 days and counting.

You should have picked them up on your way home from the UK.

He couldn't Matt. His bag was full of duty free booze.

Finally they have arrived. They've been at our local post office for 2 days but we hadn't been notified Aus post strikes again.

Well now you can stop belly ackeing TWS your just pissed off your parts have been all over the world without you .

thats why I always get stuff delivered to work tony that way someone's always here to accept it , glad there have finally arrived for you, now get them on and go out for a test ride..

Now we can all get some sleep

Great news Tony.

Hallelujah !!!

Is it Sunday already vardy?

Every day is a Sunday for you isn't it Al??

I used to be able to tell which day it was from the daily paper...but I stopped getting it delivered.

I guess you have to give up little luxuries like newspapers once you're a pensioner!! LOL You could always steal your beighbour's !!

Nah, when I have my outing to McDonalds on the Community bus for my 30c soft serve (my dentures haven't been repaired yet), I read the free one there. I do the crosswords and steal any coupons/adverts etc that interest me too. Lol

I heard that you steal the salt, pepper and sugar sachets as well as the plastic spoons.

Ssshhhhhh or I'm not giving anymore of them to you!

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