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Should there be fluid?????

Hi, I’m new to owning a motorcycle so when it comes to problems I’m scared of it being a major deal. I’m having a good flowing leak. I don’t know if it’s oil or brake fluid but I found the source. It’s coming from the cylinder acuator I believe it’s called. My question is should there be fluid at all coming from this area? Hopefully I can figure out how to add a picture to assist.





Yes there is fluid in there I think its break fluid but not sure. May be hydronic.
Edwin are you here to help this fine young man

The Master Cylinder is on the Handlebar. The Brake Calipers are on the Brake Disks on the front and rear wheels. Where is it leaking? It should not be leaking. DO NOT RIDE THE BIKE UNTIL THIS IS FIXED.

Please include the year of your bike.

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