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Should we show Australian Dollars on CC?

G'day mates,
I need your input on this:
CC has an international currency translation feature where we can show local currencies for Canadian, Australian and New Zealand customers.
We are currently not showing the AU$ for our Australian customer because of the recent currency fluctuations.
The problem is that our system has to capture all amounts in US$. If there is a change in the exchange rate from when an order has been placed until it is shipped it means that you would get charged more in your local currency compared to what you expected when placing the order.

We have pretty much two options at the moment:
- not show AU$ at all and let customers do the math
- show AU$ but have a disclaimer link that the final amount in AU$ might change and there is no way to adjust that.

What would you all prefer?





Well... We don´t like Aussies so..

Wen our dollar wa strong it never bothered me but now that it is fading, I wonder about the real cost to me. It would be good if you could show it but I don't think it really matters much. Lucky you don't show Swedish currency. How do you show vodka as a currency? Smiley-wink

Swedish crown sux big time now.....
Vodka rate hmm...? The more red nose the more value!!!

I guess the exchange rate is an issue, and what payment choice you make at the Checkout page. For example Visa or Mastercard payments will be at whatever rate, and Paypal will be at another (dependent on how much profit they wish to make out of the currency exchange transaction)

either way it's no big deal if you want it then you buy it regardless of the $ rate

I have bought heaps from CC and just accept the cost may be a bit different than what is shown. I know the exchange rate fluctates all the time, would be difficult to keep up to date. If it could be done, it would be great, but its never been a problem for me the way it is.

It doesn't bother me either way, I just wish I had more funds to purchase more gear.

Would be handy as a ready reckoner and saves time not having to do constant calculations as you trawl through the products. However, we all know that "commissions", "international transaction fees", and the like, make the final price substantially different from the list price ........ and not to mention the cost of freight!!

I recon just leave it as it is. It is very simple to use currency converter. and the amount it may fluctutate between order and shipping should not change once the order has been placed.

Oh come on Dennis!!!! Your vote doesn´t count - since I used ALL of your Aussie Dollars you forgot at my place...

 photo kangaroo.jpg

Leave it at is. We know the basic exchange rate before we commit to the purchase anyway.

It wouldnt stop be buying something because the amount wasnt accurate to the very cent. If I want something for my bike, then I will get it regardless.

Our money and yours is never really all that much different and if a few dollars here or there makes all that much difference you probably cant afford it anyway , I honestly don't mean that to sound nasty , its just how I see it and I am not rolling in money like Als 53 or Polsken . lol

You want it you buy it . I don't really care about the exchange rate I bought when the rate was $1.06 I'll buy with the rate at $0.90 . I say leave it the way it is .
Hey Spratty I think we all have that problem , A bit more would be nice .

30 bucks in the pocket there Robin gotta love that

Have you got a photo with the new bars Rob ?

Just give us free postage and then we don't care what or who's $ or £ you show Lol

I think items should be free to all Australian customers and just write out a dummy docket so the 'OTHERS' aren't offended ...... ok?

Phill's idea has my vote!

Nice idea Smiley-wink
We could show prices only in AU$ and include shipping cost into the item price. Would that make shopping easier?

I like Robs Idea. Hell I would even consider building another shed for the storage and sorting Facility.

Looks to me that the core theme coming through is to leave things as they are.

"DON'T" include shipping costs in the price whatever you do, you will lose a lot of sales as the prices will be very scary with shipping included, a cheaper shipping option would be good then you will sell a hell of a lot more it is just the shipping that stops me buying more. I have priced up a set of highway bars, highway pegs and a set of pac a derms.

The parts come to $447.97 and the shipping options I have are

Expedited = $675.94
(Trackable with 4-8 business days transit time)

Express = $908.72
(Trackable with 3-7 business days transit time)

So ebay is looking good

I think you get the picture

Thats crazy

The only issue there Rob is the import duties again if they get forwarded in a batch. The USA freight is still a lot cheaper at times over the Aust post freight. I had dragon pipes sent over at a freight cost of around $65. They didn't fit and for me to send them back by carrier dolphin was going to cost $200 via Aust post. It wasn't worth sending them back so I will modify them to fit. CC were good about the issue and helped me out on it

Steve OBrien mentioned a forwarding company he uses to get gear to the UAE. I may look into that again, otherwise we send it all through Clyde Smiley-wink

I'd leave it. The internet has great and simple currency converters.
The idea of adding freight to the product cost is not good. It will significantly impact on Australian sales.

I'd much rather see what my freight costs were at least you know what your paying .

I think my point was missed, it was not don't show us the freight cost it was dont charge us for it at all

I like the way you think Robo

Something tells me that you are perhaps not particularly taken with the quality of crap that Kuryakyn peddle to we unsuspecting consumers!! Don't forget that when Kyle presents them with irrefutable facts that people are complaining they deny it has ever been mentioned to them. Therefore, it is we consumers who are wrong. Oh, I may have missed the point of your post. Are you concerned about their products or their after sales service???????????????

Aussies.... just divide the USD amount by the exchange rate to get AUD equivalent. What you eventually pay will depend on Paypal's rate or that used by your bank when the transaction hits your credit card.
If the rate is 0.93 for example. USD1 will cost you AUD1.075

Must be hit and miss with Kuryakyn ... I have several parts that have no flaws and have not fallen apart. Their chrome is not up to Harley quality but it is the closest of the aftermarket suppliers. I've had a few bits chromed for previous bikes, to a show quality level - needed a second mortgage to cover the cost.

you arent wrong there Peter. Im looking at some chrome for the bobber and its costly on a good day. I'm toying with the idea of some powder coating but it just doesn't do what I want it to do

Uwe - been browsing for parts in the last few minutes .... I noticed that there is now an AU$ dollar price shown. Sorry to tell you this but whoever set the calculator has got it arse about. The prices suggest that the AU$ price is lower than the US$ price. Not so. The AU$ is currently buying only US$ 0.93 cents - and that's before commission. Cheers, Peter.

Shhhh don't tell them that Peter, it's special discount because we are such great guys and gals!

Yeah!! Stay out of this Peter!!!

There's always one

Robo who let you out mate are you coming to the Valley even for the day would be good. Bloody snob is your big thing to good to mix with us bro. lol
Hope you can make it mate next month see posts or contact me or tezza.

Pete....I tried to explain.....

Wayne, love to catch up for the day.

We are doing an overnighter to kangaroo Valley contact Tezza and if you cant do the overnighter maybe the lunch run mate. Would be good to catch up must be near 12 months ago

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