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signal lighs not working

im a new member here i bought a 1998 1100 shadow sabre  the marker lights are on but when i put my signal light on it goes out and no signal lights at all in the front or back looking for some input to as what to look at 




Dead circuit somewhere. Start by checking fuses

Take Val's advise first. If it's not a fuse then you need to look for shorts and opens.

Your turn signal relay is under the left steering neck cover. Since none of the turn signals work when you use the switch, it would be my first suspect. It may be that the switch is shorting to ground at the switch. But, it's not necessarily the switch itself.

Take off the neck cove and remove the relay. Use a jumper wire to connect between the grey and white/green wires on the connector by-passing the relay.
Turn on the ignition. If the light doesn't come on you've got an open in the wiring harness. If it does come on, check for continuity between the white/green wire terminal and ground.

If you have continuity, the relay is bad or the connector has a poor connection. If you don't have continuity, there is an open in the circuit. Because it affects all four lights an open would have to be before the circuit splits off to the individual lights.

There is a continuity test for the turn signal switch. Right:Gr to Lb and Br/W to O/W, Neutral:Br/W to O/W to Lb/W, Left: O to Gr and Br/W to Lb/W

will check fuses 1st then what you have said
thanks for the help

will look

Everything Edwin said.... Just work slowly and methodically backwards If you start getting frustrated walk away for a bit. Electric can be frustrating

it ended up being the switch
thanks for all the help

Glad it's fixed

Hey guys, I hopped on this thread to see if I could figure out what was going on with my turn signals. When I activate the left or right signal, they don't blink...they just stay solid. Through reading other posts, it sounds like a relay switch issue, does that sound right?

Sounds right to me. But what do I know, I'm just a girl

I have three daughters...girls rock!

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