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single or double brake rotors ?.

Friends, I'm considering removing the right hand front brake rotor on my 2007 vstar 1100 classic. After installing the new chrome wheels i find the rotor takes away from the visuall of the wheel. Does anyone have a thought as to wether this is ok or what ??????? Any suggestions would be helpful. I want to clean the front end of the bike up and eliminate 1 brake cable as well as the rotor & caliper.



I think it's a fabulous idea if you have a death wish. I'm not trying to be funny, but would you seriously consider disabling half of the brake system on your car? Such a maneuver will great increase your stopping distance, will put more wear and load on the remaining rotor and set of brake pads and could ultimately put you or someone else in jeapordy.

It was designed with two, leave it with two. Shiny wheels are not more valuable than you. Be safe!

ditto, if you want to do that then you would be better off keeping your bike as a show bike.i certainly wouldnt entertain riding it. i think your insurance would also be void, basically you will be removing a safety device from the vehicle and rendering it illegal. you could look into finding a larger disc and uprated caliper, which would give you the braking force neccessary. i personnally would get the discs/rotors chromed up so as they have a similar bling as your wheels(braking area without chrome)

I have seen old harleys that have had the front brake completely removed, but have never seen anyone remove only half of the braking system. Although for safety purposes I would not recommend do this to any bike. Removal of the brake system is very complicated, time consuming and is extremely dangerous. I agree with Tim that you should look into chroming, the caliper, and lines. THe rotor you might be able to find a nice one that is heavily shiny but chroming is not an option (unless it is show purposes) as it will have no stopping power. Ride safe

Funtionallity over pretty imo and when it comes to someone not seeing you you will be happy to have that extra rotor and caliper.


Terry (AKA crAzyAce)

I'm wishing I had duals on my Stryker, the stopping power is great; I really miss them; had them on my Meanstreak. Don't take away any stopping ability your asking for trouble.

My VTX 1300 came with only a single front rotor... and at times I wish I had two... but the looks of the single is worth my "tired brake hand" at the end of a twisty ride. 

Safety has priority over looks at any time. They were designed to run with two rotors so I suggest leave it.

I think if you remove one side you might have to upgrade your caliper to something better. Just my 2 cents

There are better looking brake rotors out there and in most cases the wheel manufacturers are making some that match the wheels.

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