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The site may be undergoing huge changes

This is Uwe's post from Facebook: "Uwe Druckenmüller feeling sad.
8 mins ·
With great sadness I'll have to announce that Competition Accessories (who acquired Cruiser Customizing last year) decided to abruptly close our California office last week and eliminate almost all positions including my own.
It's been a great ride for the past 15 years when we started CC and saw it grow with the help of an awesome team that was committed to turn the company into the best place for riders to shop for parts and accessories for their motorcycles. We also had a large online community with members all over the world and formed lots of friendships and that extended beyond our shared passion for riding and customizing.
I'm grateful for the support from fellow employees, business partners, customers and members over the past 15 years and to be part of such an awesome group of people.
Together we went through lots of ups and downs, both business and personal and learned a lot.
Thank you all.
My old email is no longer functioning, please send me a message if you like to get my new personal email address."

Hopefully this side of it is not scuttled, but doesn't sound like it will be supported any more if anything goes wrong.



Hmmmm .... there was a feeling in the air that things were not as they used to be. It would be very sad if the community site shuts down too and we start losing contact with each other. I might be forced, against my better judgement, to become a Facebooker !!!!!

I'm with you Peter. Hopefully they will somehow be able to keep the site going.

Wow, I have to say I'm very disappointed to hear this Uwe!

This is not good. We may have to move the whole thing to a facebook group. Not the best thing but better than loosing eachother in the wind

If this site gets dropped, then we will need to create a CC group on Facebook that people can follow. We have our Medford Valley Motorcycle group on it. That is how we post various rides. Hopefully it does not come to that.

We will have to wait for some sort of announcement by the new management team ... hopefully some sort of clarification soon ....

I hope they are that considerate. They may just shut it off

This may explain why things are discontinued. Are we obsolete?

Hopefully they will let us know

Sooner or later it had to happen... But OMG... There are some of you I've skype with, some of you I've personal addresses, but it'll change a lot... How to keep in contact with many of you I really liked to have contact with. I'll mis CC a lot, that's for sure!!! The fun we had, the video's, the personal messages with lots of people, spread all over the world... the friendship with a lot of you and very special bond with some of you... some days it was only a few minutes, but sometimes it was coffee and smoke time to see some pics or vids or to watch and make some comments... HMMM.... Facebook... not my favorite, but maybe there is no other way, or does somebody know another place we could meet eachother and keep in touch?

Me too Gert. Some of you are like family to me. :(
Perhaps it will not happen...

Hopefully they'll be able to keep CC up and running

Al has said he's the administrater on CC on Facebook, and that he'll be happy to keep that duty to keep everyone who's friends in touch with each other. I hope they still keep this site open, but that is an option.

Hopefully so

That would really suck if they shut the community down I admit I am not on all the time but I enjoy the company non the less I hope then it going.

I didn't know there was a CC on Facebook

Yes. It's CruiserCustomizing Members Group Val.

Valerie, we found it last night

And Roadie (aka Road Wolf)
Has his own Facebook Account

Well, that just sucks. My heart goes out to all the good people getting shafted right before Christmas. I've worn those shoes and had to do a thrift store Christmas for my kids.
Delphi Forums lets people start a free forum on their site. I think Motor Tribes Community would make a good name. I don't know how much effort it would take to get it up and keep it running but it's a thought. I'll try to find out more. If they yank the rug, look for info on the Facebook site. Now, listen to my adopted theme song and have a good laugh on me.

That's good info Edwin. I don't know what it would take either. But if it gets started let us know. But hopefully we will be able to keep CC

That's a good theme song Edwin. LOL.

I sent Robin a message to see if she had any insight into this. I'm waiting for an answer.

At the moment there are two discussions about this same subject. Also "sad day" started by Terry in discussions => CCC News.

I may be wrong but it looks like the Cruiser Customizing site is being absorbed by the Competition Accessories site. They carry Metric cruiser and Harley parts and from a purely business viewpoint (I know, I know) it wouldn't make sense to have two branches selling identical products. One can only hope that they will see fit to transfer the Community to Competition Accessories. Fingers crossed.

I sure hope so.

I'm with you Bill

Trying to look on the upside , a bigger organisation may be able to offer better prices and a wider range.

True that but they need more stuff for the smaller bikes. Our money counts too doesn't it

Yes Valerie, I'm sure they will take our money as well

If they are shutting down how do we transfer our points over to get the reward points toward a gift certificaate

I understand your concernes Tony, in a way. For me the community and my friends are way more important. Everybody has his or her own thoughts and there is nothing wrong with that... It's all good...

To me this community is WAY more private than Facebook ever will be. The friends I made on here are awesome and very important to me.

What Bill said

But then we may all have our panties in a knot for nothing. Just sayin....

Yes Valerie ... we may ! ;o))

This is true Val
They may see us as customers and testers of their products that are essential to thier business growth.
Keeping the social side is an important part.

Valerie, you said it. But I don't have FB, not sure if I ever will. Julie does and that's good enough for me. I really hope someone or company keeps the site going. I really enjoy it and the friends I've made. You are all amazing

Actually the points really don't matter to me it's the people I just thought maybe I could use the extra point for an Item I was looking at but it says it has been discontinued.

See if the parts you were looking for are listed.
What I (personal opinion) think is that they are doing an item by item match up and the ones they already carry at Competition Accessories are being discontinued on the Cruiser Customizing site.When they get that done, they'll see what's left and which of that they'll want to add. After that the CC site will go away.

Thanks Edwin. I check and no such luck

Hey Val. Not sure if you are on that Facebook site or not but just in case it may be a way of keeping up to date on the Wyoming trip in June.. just a thought.

Yes, I just got on there thanks to Len who approved me. I was thinking of posting it there. Thanks Larry

Good to hear Val. Please keep in touch.

For sure Lary

Hey so you guys on FB. If I post something on the CC facebook page how do I keep it from showing up on my home page

Val, if you go into your FB page and at the top right where the notification tab is, click and go to settings. Go down to group activity, click and it shows all the groups you are involved in. Go down to CC Members Group and click highlights. This shows you all the options for notifications for the group. Hope this helps..

Got it. Click where it says joined, in the drop down check unfollow.

Valerie I see where you can create an event there on the FB CC group.

I'm a moderator here and an administrator on the fb page. Happy to keep on as I have been for many years to help both continue. I'm sure the others doing similar roles would do the same.


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