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Smartphone / Tablet Optimized Website now Live

Today is an exciting day as we have just launched the new Smartphone/Tablet optimized website. The idea for it goes back 9 months when first discussed with Beachy and other members and voted by the community as an important feature.
A month ago we launched a "beta site" for volunteers to test the new site on their various phones, tablets and also laptop and desktop computers. They found numerous bugs and isssues, some where very tricky to find and fix like the "Internet Explorer" bug or the video player bug. I want to give a big thanks to our "beta tester" volunteers for their effort and contributions:


I also want to say thank you to my talented colleague Clive who did most of the work for this project and was able to fix some very tricky issues! Plus he got it all done in record time.

If you don't have a smartphone or tablet but a larger screen you'll notice the new background image. We'll change that from time to time. Please let me know how you like it.

If you do have a smartphone, tablet or mini tablet please checkout the site and you'll see how the pages are now optimized for the size of your screen. We hope that it will be intuitive to use but if you are running into any problems please comment below. Also, we expect to be some more bugs to appear, please comment on those as well.

Please comment below and mention the name of your smartphone or tablet and the operating system version if you happen to know it.

Thanks again!



iPhone 4S OS 6.1.2 works great!

will this work on a Samsung proclaim or the LG optmus Q they are both smart phones.

Mark, looks like you're planning to change your phone terminal LOL
It will work I believe as they are smart enough to cary Android )))

yes they both have the Android! lol
i got 2 just incase one stops working! got one for 19.00!!!

LOL Moscowescort is trying his best ))) what kinda escort is that?

Must be Barbara again......:)

Barbara is on vacation
Hey Moscow I can provide you with the host. Don't hunt I'll sell it to you.

I thought I had them IP blocked last time, let's see how persistant they are Smiley-wink

Apple Iphone 5 with IOS operating system.


c'mon Folbz don't pretend you don't understand...

Hahahaha. ..good one mate !!

we have to give credit to those spammers, they can be quite entertaining Smiley-wink

You're right there uwe !!

A must. Samsung Galaxy S III, Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean

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