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Social Experiment - Will you participate?


I see the experiment went well... posted 3 months posts/comments......

well  they can't get a better result than that the answer is nooooooo

At least nothing negative was said...... not like some other posts......

nothing negative was said. should I have participated ,Iam not good at Experiments thats how I got my frist Son ,

See Mark. You shouldn't play with test tubes.....Ooooops... I ,mean Doctors and Nurses! lol

rum and coke
that son just came inside needs me in the shed putting a fender thingie on his CBR600RRRRRRRRRR  6'4 and needs me to help him .

Well there Ya' go then!  All those 6'4" son's that were produced by rum and coke experimentation need help putting on fender thingies on their CBR600RRRRRRRRRR's!  Anyone could have told you that!

Hey!  Anyone!  Are you over there?  Tell this guy something, will you?  Tongue out

Hagar, you shoulda got proper rum'n'coke and he woulda got brains too! lol

Rum and coke just scrambles the brain.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well it does mine!!

Phil, how many times do I have to tell you? You can't scramble something if it's not there......

Bundy Rum did you mention Bundy. I fill my own thanks just leave the bottle.

3 fingers..... from the top of your CC pint glass?

just alot rum heads brune out fade awawys and pad room cases here  experiment  don t mind if i do i like mines  can i have two please one for me and my frend harry the rabbit

I must have missed this one  ....  maybe because of Austin Nichols' Wild Turkey Rare Breed fine Kentucky Bourbon ! They told me it would help to remember things and delete the pain of arthritis !   It did do the later !!

  J W

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