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Sorry to Say Goodbye

To all of my Cruiser Customizing customers,

You probably already know for the last year I have been off an on at work. I wanted to tell all of you that i have been ill for sometime, and wanted to let all of you know that I will not be returning back to work. The Doctors still are running test and still not sure what I have.Right know I'm on permanent disability and willl retire in December 2016 when I turn 65.

I also wanted to say I have had alot of fun discussing personnel and funny family discussions, and giving everyone a bad time. We have had some good times and not so good times.but I will miss all of you, and most of all jokeing around with everyone, laughing tell my gut bust. This is very hard for me I have been with Cruiser Customizing for over 10 years now.

I really miss all of you so here is my personnel email if you would like to drop me a line. [email protected] please don't make me regreat this (just kidding)

PS If by chance you don't remember me I'm the old lady of Cruiser Customizing

Thank You
Trish Payne  [email protected]



Don't know that I've met you. Sorry for that. Wish you all the best and a great recovery

Hopefully the Doc's will figure it out and get you straightened out so you can enjoy your retirement. Don't forget to spend lots of two-wheel therapy time!

What can I say, health is the most important but it's always hard to say goodbye for that reason! I agree with Animal, hopefully the doctors will find what it is and find the way to get you healthy again!

Thanks for the years you supported the CCC team and helping us customers solving our problems.... Wish you all the best for the future!

Bless you Trish your road is not an easy one. Took a similar turn a few years back. Always know you've got a friend.

All the best for your retirement Trish.

Trish, sorry to see you going under these circumstances. Hope you can get some answers and positive measures in place. Enjoy your retirement the best you can. I'm sure you will be greatly missed "at the shop"


Don't be a stranger Smiley-wink

Hope everything works out Trish, Stay positive always, never give in. May you enjoy your retirement and live long. God bless.

Hopefully they can figure it out so you can enjoy retirement a bit better.

All the best Trish!!!!

Dittos, appreciate your service to the community.

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