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Speedometer Light Glare In Windshield at Night

This is not the biggest deal but when traveling at night it can be a bit distracting when the light from the speedometer reflects onto the windshield creating an obstruction to a clear view.  I find myself having to sit up a bit higher to align my site above the windshield, which can be an inconvience for comfort and defeats the safety factor of the windshield.

Does anyone have a suggestion or know of an aftermarket accessories that can fit around the top perimeter of the speedometer shielding the light from reflecting into the windshield without having to fully cover up the speedometer?

Your suggestions would be appreciated!




On my vstar 1100 I had that same problem. Kuryakin made a visor that went at the top of it kinda like a headlight visor. Completely eliminated the problem. Post a pic of it and us fabrication guys and ladies might be able to come up with ideas

Hey that Oneida Suzuki is a half hour from my house. Those visors are the same style as I was talking about, worked perfectly on my old bike.

Hmmm, Grew up in Oneida county.

Glare from the light on my computer was too bright couldn't stand it while watching movies. I used a piece of black tape over it. Might applied to your situation. I put new chrome top on my brake master cylinder and it caught the sun and kept hitting me in the eyes. I live with it. For glare off windshield at night you might want to install windshield bags. or do what Paintcan/Edwins suggests

Edwin I'm at the intersection of Chenango Otsego and Madison counties. You may or may not remember south edmeston but that's where I am. The home of the Unadilla mx track and chobani yogurt. Sorry to hijack your post jack.

Worked for a bit at Bendix, was staying in New Berlin.

So you know my area for sure. I was New Berlin fire chief in the early 2000's

I made one out of a plastic file holder. Put some chrome trim around the edges. That went on my 05 C50T. The Stratoliner get some glare but not enough to bother me.
The Stratoliner gauge lites have a dimmer so you can turn the gauge pack lights down.

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