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Stalling while breaking

My 2010 M109R has started to stall while I am breaking. It was only on hard breaking but now seems to be getting worse. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this.



Okay, let's do a little back story. When did it first happen? Has it gotten worse? Does it do it every time you brake?
At what speed and under what conditions does it occure?
I think (lol) that it would be more throttle related than brake. If you are riding along and reduce speed quickly, what happens?

Now there's something new.... More info please. as Edwin has asked. I wonder though is your kickstand spring loose? It may have something to do with the kickstand switch.... Deceleration may make it go down just a bit

Found this thread. It's sort of what I had in mind. The last entry has a fix for what his problem was. It may relate to your issue

Good one, Val.

Thanks Edwin, I hope it's that easy....

Just a few comments:
1. Make sure your idle speed adjustment is set so the Tachometer is at 1000 rpm. Check your manual on how to adjust.
2. Braking should have no impact to the engine unless your clutch isn't allowing the engine to disengage.
3. If your brakes are not stopping you fast enough change your pads and bleed the brake fluid and replace. If brakes are still not braking well, then you may need to change the calipers.(see service manual)

Give us some more info if you want us to think deeper and harder.

I'm assuming you are pulling the clutch in.....

one of three things,

kick stand safety switch
low idle
loss earth cable

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